Outdoor Security Lights – Everything You Need to Know

Outdoor Security Lights – Everything You Need to Know

A dimly lit yard may present a greater security problem. A less lit yard is more likely to be a target for thieves, vandals or even home intruders. Also, inadequate lighting increases the risk of accidents and mishaps. Snow and ice can be a problem, especially during inclement weather or cold months.

It's an important thing to keep your outdoor patio well lit this time of year. A proper home security light will be a major asset in maintaining a safe home.

What Types of Common Outdoor Security Lighting are Available?

Each homeowner can be very selective when it comes to installing outdoor security lighting, but it must be combined with their own lighting needs. Below are a few common types of outdoor lighting.


Onforu LED Flood Light Display

Usually mounted on a wall, but with a very limited angle of illumination, usually only one angle of illumination, they can emit a wide and powerful beam of light, ideal for garages, entrances and walkways.



Spotlights are similar in brightness to floodlights, but cast a narrower beam, usually no more than 45 degrees. This beam is more focused and shines farther away, making it easier to point and control.

Landscape Lights

Landscape Lights

Often placed on the side of the front door, which is the number one location for security lighting in the garden, they make a great front porch lighting idea and also serve a somewhat aesthetic purpose.

Security lights


Designed for outdoor locations, combining the brightness and distance of the flood and spotlight, but also multi-angle projection (2~3 head adjustable control), but also with multi-mode control, dusk to dawnmotion sensor, switch control, solar mode.

Where Should I Install Outdoor Security Lighting?

Based on the experience of many homeowners, it is a good suggestion to place lighting on each side of the house. If a dark area exists, it will serve as a breach for intruders.

  • Every doorway exterior, no matter which side of the house it is on.
  • It is a good idea to purchase motion sensor porch lights to install on both sides of the door.
  • Gates in the garage and backyard.
  • Aisles, or vehicle parking spots.

How High Should I Install My Outdoor Security Lighting?

Switch Control Security Light Display_Eave Mount

When installing outdoor lights, you want to make sure they are installed at a height that is not within reach and requires the use of tools, such as a ladder. This is because criminals may use long sticks and brooms to damage your lights. Therefore, outdoor lights can be placed at a minimum height of 8-12' and a maximum height of 20'. This is often a height that is difficult for criminals to reach and a safe range for your motion sensors to work. Also, the visible range will be greater when illuminated at this light distance.

How Many Lumens Need for Outdoor Security Lighting?

It depends on how big your outdoor space is. The average halogen car headlamp is about 1,200 lumens.

Motion sensors usually start at 300 lumens, and floodlights are usually between 700 and 1,300. Anything over 2,000 lumens is clear and probably best suited for security lights dedicated to the outdoors.

However, don't get too caught up in lumens. Effective placement of lighting is equally important.

What is the Best Way to Control Security Lighting in the Garden?

During the day, it doesn't make much sense to turn on the lights because they will be dulled by daylight.

It can cost more to leave a light on permanently, and no one wants to leave it on outdoors during the day as well.

The easiest way to control security lighting is through a human light sensor, which will turn on the light when it detects motion. If you want your lights to stay on after sunset, look for lights with built-in twilight detectors that will turn off again when morning is detected.

How to Choose a Security Lighting?

If you do not know how to pick a suitable security light for yourself, you can read "How to Choose a Security Light - 3 Tips You Need to Know" for further information.


Finally, you should have an idea of where you want to illuminate your patio. Make sure to install the outdoor lights in the right location, at the right height, and choose the right control mode for you. Provide a safe environment for your home outdoors.