4 Tips on Achieving the Perfect Lighting Design In Your Home

4 Tips on Achieving the Perfect Lighting Design In Your Home

You will be forgiven if you think that strong lightning is all your home needs. After all, you want to be able to see the words clearly when reading a book at night or fixing something in the evening hours. But your lighting can do far more than that. In fact, if you use it strategically around your home, you can transform the space into something incredible.

Proper lighting placement can do many things for you. It will help you concentrate on the task at hand, relax after a long day, and even sleep in a naturally-lit environment. In short, it will improve your overall health and help your day (and night) go by easily. Any lighting that works well with our sleep cycles can influence how we behave around others and how we feel. Without it, we risk lashing out at people, feeling irritated throughout the day, and not focusing on important work properly.

With all of that in mind, here’s a list of 4 tips on achieving the perfect lighting design in your home. With them, you will be able to use any space and any type of light to your advantage.

Tip 1: Size Matters

Imagine having a small living room that feels somewhat stifling at night. So, when you place a large chandelier in the middle of the ceiling, it will light it up, but you’ll still feel a tad claustrophobic. However, by placing that chandelier in the corner of the room, you give it a sense of spaciousness.

Our eyes are naturally drawn to the biggest light source. Therefore, we can play around with lighting by placing the brightest piece in a specific corner of the room. The same goes for small lights if you want to achieve a level of intimacy in large spaces.

Tip 2: Don’t Show Architectural Lighting Elements 

If possible, try to hide architectural lighting elements like downlights. To some people, these lights are quite economical and they get the job done. But if you place too many of them on the ceiling, it will look like an upside-down minefield. Instead, try to conceal these light sources and keep the ceiling clear. That way, other design elements in your room, or even on the ceiling, will stand out more.

Tip 3: Multifunctional Pieces

Just like with downlights, this next tip comes down to aesthetics. If you happen to buy an oversized chandelier and several different lamps, you will definitely lighten up the room. However, you will also clutter it with more stuff, which can make a person feel like they’re suffocating.

Instead, try to get a multifunctional piece for your room with a lighting feature. For example, you can buy a clock or a painting lined with neon lights, or wire a coffee table with some low-level lighting. That way, you can brighten up your room from several different positions, but still keep it at a level where it doesn’t seem intrusive.

Tip 4: Try Before You Buy Any Ambient Lighting Solutions

Before you buy an ambient lighting piece, always make sure to test it out. That way, you can avoid glaring fixtures that don’t match the decor of the room. It’s also recommended that you get a fixture that allows multiple circuits and dimming switches. 

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