Black Light

Onforu's black light fixtures offer a wide selection of black light flood lightLED stripslight bars and LED bulbs, ranging from small, portable models to large, bright, powerful models to meet your needs and create unique light effects. The Onforu blacklight range has been carefully designed to be waterproof with an IP66 rating, to ensure reliable operation in a wide range of environments. Whether it's holiday party venues, stage performances, commercial displays, special effects productions and many other indoor or outdoor scenes, these blacklight fixtures utilize high-quality UV and LED technology to provide excellent 365nm UV illumination, delivering a strong and bright blacklight experience that shows the best possible lighting effects.

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The Features of Black Light

With its bright, powerful, durable and versatile features, the Onforu best black light fixture series offers you the best choice for both outdoor parties and indoor venues.

High Power: Onforu offers high power blacklight fixtures that ensure powerful UV effects for more dramatic light effects at parties, stage performances, or special occasions.

Multiple Options: Onforu product range includes a wide variety of blacklight bulbs, LED strips, floodlights and light bars, offering a wide range of choices to meet the needs of different scenarios, giving you the freedom to choose the most suitable lighting style.

Waterproof Design: Designed with various environments in mind, the products have IP66 waterproof rating and can work reliably even in wet environments. Unrestricted by weather conditions, it is suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor places.

Safe to use: Onforu black light fixtures are rigorously designed and tested to ensure a safe and reliable using experience. UV-A Level(380-400nm), safe for eyes & human skin. Comply with safety standards, no radiation, no pollution, so you can use it with confidence.

Wide Applications: Suitable for parties, nightclubs, stages, artistic creations, special effects production, commercial displays and many other scenes. Whether it's at a house party or a professional performance, our products can create unique light and shadow effects for you.

High Quality & Durable: Onforu black light fixtures are made of high quality materials, durable and with excellent performance. Whether for home use or commercial occasions, they can work stably for a long time.

Where is LED Black Light Used?

LED black light fixtures are widely used in many occasions, in parties and celebrations, LED black light fixtures are used in Halloween parties, theme parties or Mardi Gras celebrations to add mystery and joy to the event. In outdoor environments, LED black light fixtures are commonly used for outdoor path lighting, outdoor parties and stage performances. Bringing a stunning light experience to outdoor spaces, they add a mysterious, chic atmosphere to outdoor venues at night or for special events. In the arts and educational venues, they are used to emphasize stage effects or special performance elements that enhance the visual experience of the audience. Meanwhile, in classroom teaching, LED blacklight fixtures are often used to demonstrate science experiments or explanations, allowing students to understand the course content more intuitively. In personal home environments, they can be used for bedroom decorations, special occasion family gatherings, or for creating a cozy and romantic environment like blacklight body paint, poster, tapestry and mini golf. In addition, LED blacklight fixtures can provide a chic visual experience for children in their rooms or playrooms.

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FAQs About Black Light Fixtures

What is black light?

A blacklight is a light fixture that emits ultraviolet (UV-A band) light at a special wavelength that allows certain substances to fluoresce under blacklight, giving off a color or effect that is not visible under normal light. You can read Black Light and UV Light – What is the difference?

How to make a black light?

One way to create black light is to use special bulbs that emit visible light under UV light by exciting fluorescent powders or coatings. Another way is to use special filters that convert ordinary white light into a black light effect. Now you can buy high quality black lights at Onforu at the best prices.

Is uv light the same as black light?

UV lights typically include UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C bands, while blacklights refer to lamps that primarily emit UV-A bands. Although both UV lights and blacklights are UV light sources, there are differences in their primary uses and specific wavelength ranges. You can read Black Light and UV Light – What is the difference?

What colors glow under black light?

Under black light, fluorescent paints, certain detergents, whiteners, fluorescent inks, and specific chemicals fluoresce in bright green, bright blue, or bright pink colors. Typically, white or colors that contain fluorescent ingredients appear most visible under black light.

What are black lights used for?

Black lights are widely used for parties, stage performances, art installations, landscape design, special effects production, and inspection and lighting. They are used to create special visual effects, to emphasize the fluorescent nature of an object or to create a unique atmosphere.

What does a black light show?

Under black light, specific substances fluoresce, producing colors and effects that are different from regular light. This effect can be used in art, decoration or special scenes to present a visual uniqueness and mystery.

Are black lights bad for human?

Properly used black lights are usually not harmful to the human body. However, prolonged exposure to strong UV rays may have some effect on the skin and eyes, so they should be used with caution and excessive exposure avoided.

What is a black light party?

A black light party is a themed party that uses black light illumination to create a unique, vibrant, and whimsical party atmosphere by having participants wear fluorescent costumes, paint with fluorescent oils, or place fluorescent decorations that show off fluorescent effects in the dark.

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Why Choose Onforu LED Black Light

Onforu best black light fixtures series are all bright, powerful, durable and versatile, using high-quality UV and LED technology to provide you with the best choice.  Whether for fixed installation or mobile use, indoor venues or outdoor parties, we offer a wide range of styles to choose from that are powerful in different scenarios and easily meet your needs.

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