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Onforu's LED light strips offers a wide variety of options for your lighting needs for a variety of occasions and uses. Including 16.4ft (5m), 32.8ft (10m), 49.2ft (15m), 65.6ft (20m) and many other lengths, available color temperatures include 6000k cool white, 3000k warm white(yellow), blacklight(purple), to meet the decorative and lighting needs of various scenes. Suitable for makeup in front of mirror, under cabinet lighting, interior home decoration, kitchen, tv wall, ceiling and other scenes, providing soft and bright lighting effect. All LED light strips are flexible and bendable, easy to install, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, equipped with dimmers, and some of the products are waterproof designed to meet the lighting needs of outdoor and humid environments, maintain stable and long-lasting working condition, and provide a more comfortable lighting experience.

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The Features of LED Light Strip

Whether it's for indoor decoration, outdoor decoration, or special occasion lighting effects, Onforu light strips series can create a unique beauty of light and shadow for you.

High Quality: Made of high quality 2835 LED beads, not only provide bright and soft lighting, but also have longer service life and lower energy consumption.

DIY and High Flexibility: With excellent flexibility, it can be cut and attached to make it better adapt to various space needs, such as bending, hanging, and fitting, to meet your unique decorative ideas.

Multiple Options: Provides a variety of length options, including 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, and also supports different color temperature lighting options, such as 6000K cool white light, 3000K warm white light, and uv black light, to meet the lighting needs of different scenes.

Easy Installation: The LED strip lights are designed to be easy to install, allowing you to finish in no time and easily create a personalized lighting effect. Save time and effort, make lighting decoration easier.

Safe and Energy Saving: LED light strip fixtures are powered by low voltage ( 12V), which is safer and more reliable compared to traditional lighting equipment. With high energy efficiency and low energy consumption, it saves energy and is more environmentally friendly.

Waterproof and versatile: Some with waterproof design, it can be safely and reliably used in a variety of environments without being affected by humidity, moisture or wind and rain.

UL Listed: Safety is Onforu top priority in designing our LED strip lights. With UL certification, we ensure that our products meet the industry's highest safety standards, giving you peace of mind when using them.

Where is Light Strip Used?

Both indoor and outdoor environments, LED strip lights have a wide range of application scenarios. In indoor environments, LED strip lights are often used in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, stairwells, hallways and other places. They can be installed on the side or underneath headboards, TV walls, ceilings, and staircases to create a soft and charming lighting atmosphere for the room. In outdoor places, such as decks, campers (RVs), open walkways, garages, patios, etc., LED strips are used for decoration and lighting to create a pleasant outdoor environment and decorative effect. In special display occasions, such as showcases, display cabinets, TV backdrops, etc., LED strip lights are used to highlight display items, decorate the display space, and attract viewers' attention.

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FAQs About LED Light Strip

What is LED light strip?

LED light strips are also known as ribbon light and tape light, and LED strips often come with an adhesive backing for easy installation, providing exceptional flexibility and space savings that many people prefer.

How to install LLED strip lights?

1. Preparation: Clean the mounting surface, make sure the surface is dry and clean to ensure firm adhesion of the tape on the back.

2. Measure and cut: Cut the strip to the desired length using special scissors or at the cut-off point. LED strips usually have cut-off points that can be trimmed.

3. Connecting Power: Connect the LED strip to a suitable power source (usually 12V DC power) and make sure the polarity is correctly connected.

4. Tape Installation: Gently apply the tape on the back of the LED strip to the desired surface and make sure it adheres evenly throughout the strip.

5. Adjusting brightness and control: Connect the strip to the appropriate controller (e.g. remote control or dimmer) for brightness and color adjustment.

How long do LED strip lights last?

The lifespan of the LED strip depends on the quality and the environment in which it is used. Generally, quality LED strip lights can last for 20,000 hours or even longer.

How to cut LED strip lights?

When it is necessary to cut an LED strip, the strip can usually be marked with a cut point where the user can gently cut it using special scissors or scissor blades.

How to hang LED strip lights?

To hang LED strips, you can use brackets, suction cups, or special fixtures, and choose the appropriate hanging method based on need and installation location.

Do LED strip lights use a lot of electricity?

Compared to traditional lighting fixtures, LED light strips usually use less electricity, and usually LED lights will save even more 80% of electricity.

How to hide LED strip lights?

Hidden LED strips can be mounted in recesses, on hidden surfaces or inside furniture. This can be accomplished through special installation techniques and creative finishes to allow for the concealed installation of LED strips without disrupting the overall aesthetics of the décor.

What kind of characteristics should a high-quality strip light have?

When buying the best LED light strip, there are many features to consider, the most basic is the color and size, the common ones are cool white, warm white, and color-changing RGB colors; and the common lengths are 16.4ft, 20ft, 33ft, and extended versions of 50ft, 60ft, 66ft. In addition, you need to consider the intended use and brightness, such as waterproof, weatherproof, low voltage and dimmable performance, whether it can be used outdoors. Onforu offers LED strips that can meet or exceed your intended application.

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Why Choose Onforu LED Strip Light

Whether you want to add a unique atmosphere to your home or create a striking lighting effect for your business, Onforu's best LED light strip series will be the ideal choice for your lighting decoration. Its lightweight, flexible, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, multi-color, energy-saving and safety features will bring you a diverse, safe and reliable lighting experience.

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