How to Install & Use Onforu Smart Floodlight Camera

In this article, you will learn in detail how to install and use the Onforu Floodlight Camera SX05.

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How to Install SX05 Floodlight Camera?


Note: SHUT POWER OFF AT THE BREAKER. Disconnect power from the circuit breaker or fuse box mounting area before beginning installation. Use caution when handling wires.


install sx05 preparation tool

Recommended to be installed 2.5m (8.2ft) above the ground but not higher than 5m (16.4ft).

Before beginning the assembly of the product, make sure all parts are present. Compare parts with the parts list. 

If any part is missing or damaged, do not attempt to assemble the product. Estimated Assembly Time: 30-60 minutes.

Note: For wet locations, ensure that the gap between the Eva gasket and the installation is filled Use a sealant or silicone adhesive on the surface.

Step-by-step demonstration images

For detailed instructions on installing SX05 Floodlight Camera, please view the step-by-step demonstration images below.

SX05 Floodlight Camera Installation Step 1SX05 Floodlight Camera Installation Step 2SX05 Floodlight Camera Installation Step 3SX05 Floodlight Camera Installation Step 5

Note: The raised part (RA) of the metal plate must be engaged with the recessed part (RE) of the base, otherwise it cannot be installed.

After completing the above steps, restore power at the breaker. After restoring power, the lights will turn on and your SX05 Floodlight Camera will begin speaking to you to let you know it’s in setup mode. 

How to Connect SX05 Floodlight Camera with APP?

Frist, install Onforu Home APP on your smartphone.

Onforu App Download

  1. Scan the QR code or search "Onforu Home" at Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Enter the "Onforu Home" App. Register an account and log in. If you already have an account for Onforu Home App, Please select "Log in with existing account".
  3. Turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth before connecting LED lights to the “Onforu Home” App.

Second, connection Preparation.

SX05 Floodlight Camera Connection Preparation

  • Please install the Floodlight Camera within Wi-Fi covered area to ensure the best working performance.
  • Make sure your smartphone is connected to your wireless router.
  • Please note that the camera only works with 2.4G Wi-Fi and does not support 5G Wi-Fi.
  • Smartphones (iOS 9.0 or Android 4.4 and above) are supported. Tablets, Mac or Windows computers are not supported.
  • Please don't use special characters, or symbols to name the Wi-Fi and its password

Third, Pairing Floodlight Camera With "Onforu Home" APP

1. Power the device on and make sure the indicator is red and flashing quickly or a prompt tone is heard.

  • Note: After turning on the light, the indicator will first turn on blue light, then red constant light, and then will become a red flashing light. This process takes about 40-60s.
  • Note: If the indicator is not red and flashing quickly, long press the reset button for 3-5s.

Reset the SX05 Floodlight Camera

2. Open the "Onforu Home" APP, and set it up as shown in the following screenshots.

Step 1 - Tap "+" button on top right corner and tap "Add Device" to add device.
App Connection 1
Step 2 - Tap "Camera & Lock" and then "Floodlight Camera" to enter the next page.
App Connection 2
Step 3 - Enter a Wi-Fi password to join your network.
App Connection 3
Note: This smart LED Light can only support 2.4 GHz network and cannot work with 5.0 GHz network. Also, check if your home network is 2.4 GHz and make sure that your phone has been connected to your Wi-Fi network. Please ensure your network is not hidden.
Step 4 - Put the QR code that appears on the APP in front of the Camera at a distance of 15-20cm (5.9-7.87in). Let the Camera scan the code.
App Connection 4
Step 5 - Wait for the device to register (about 40-60s).
App Connection 5
Note: At this time, the indicator light flashes blue.
Step 6 - Tap "Done" to complete the light pairing.
App Connection 6
Note: The blue light is on, the camera is ready for viewing.

*Camera LED Indicator


*Micro SD Card

  • To ensure Micro SD Card video recording works steadily, we recommend Class 10 or higher speed Micro SD Card.
  • To make sure the device works normally, please format the Micro SD Card to FAT32 before the first time use.
  • Before inserting or pulling out the Micro SD Card, please power off the device. Insert the Micro SD Card properly into the slot as below.
  • Micro SD Card up to 128GB (not included).

Micro SD Card

Video Presentation

How to Operate SX05 Floodlight Camera with APP?

1. Operation interface and explanation

Operation interface

Operation interface explanation

2. Motion detection and monitoring functions

Motion detection and monitoring functions

Note: To activate the motion detection and monitoring functions, you need to turn on "Motion Detection" and "PIR" at the same time. With these functions, you can receive photos and alert notifications that the camera
automatically captures when detecting a motion.

After setting Motion Detection and PIR, the lamp can be triggered to turn on automatically if the camera is in darkness.

3. Two-way talking is supported

Two-way talking is supported

Note: To activate the communication mode, be sure to remove the slash on the "Earpiece" and turn on the "Microphone"

4. Disable pushing of motion monitoring notifications

If you want to activate the motion monitoring function, but do not want to frequently receive notifications, you can disable the notification push feature.

Disable pushing of motion monitoring notifications

5. One-way/two-way communication mode settings

If you want to activate the motion monitoring function, but do not want to frequently receive notifications, you can disable the notification push feature.

Disable pushing of motion monitoring notifications

6. Share the device

One-way/two-way communication mode settings

7. Remove the device

When you replace your phone, or someone else wants to connect to the device, be sure to remove the device from your old phone first.

Remove the device

Note: For security reasons, the device can only be connected by one person at a time. If someone else wants to see the camera information at the same time, you can refer to "Share the device".

FAQs of SX05 Floodlight Camera

1. What if I can't connect to the camera?

Please contact us and provide the number posted on the camera. We will help to solve the problem.

2. Can't find an Micro SD Card?

First we suggest these famous and popular brands, like Samsung, SanDisk, Kingston etc. with at least class 10.

Second, please format it to FAT32, which is the only format that camera can support.

3.  Floodlight cannot turn on automatically?

We designed it to be triggered only at night. Before that, please make sure "Motion Detection" and "PIR" are set well.

4. Siren cannot turn on automatically?

Siren is designed to be turned on manually to avoid disturbing your neighbors.

5. Two way audio is not working?

Please go to "Settings " -" Basic function settings"-"Talk Mode"- turn on "Two-way talk".

6. You cannot get the video for a long time?

Please first make sure the camera is installed as close as possible to your router.

It is not recommended to install the camera in a place where there are two thick walls away from the router.

Please test your network and make sure it works well.

If you have more questions about SX05 floodlight camera, please feel free to contact us