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Onforu offers state-of-the-art LED flood lights for domestic, commercial and outdoor applications. These fixtures have a high waterproof rating (IP65/IP66) to ensure reliable operation in all types of harsh weather conditions. Multiple wattage and brightness options, including 50 watt, 100 watt, 150 watt, and 200 watt models, with up to 18,000 lumens of ultra-high brightness, provide you with the optimal white light brightness and illumination for your lighting needs, whether you need to light your home for commercial use or for outdoor security needs. These fixtures can be used in a variety of application scenarios such as landscape lighting, security lighting, billboard lighting, etc. They are perfect for flag poles, parks, and commercial area lighting needs. Meanwhile, our products have a plug design for easy installation and use.

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The Features of LED Flood Light

Onforu's LED outdoor flood lights can be your best choice for reliable lighting solutions, whether they are used for home lighting or commercial applications.

Waterproof Design: Onforu's LED floodlights have excellent waterproof performance (IP65/IP66 Rating), which allows them to work safely and reliably in all kinds of harsh weather conditions, whether it's in the rain, snow, or humidity.

Super Brightness: As one of the brightest options in the industry, our floodlights have an impressive ultra-high brightness, providing you with clear, bright illumination to make your space more transparent and bright.

High Lumens: (5000~10000 lumens) Featuring high lumen output, Onforu's fixtures provide excellent illumination, giving your area the brightness and clarity it needs.

High Power: These floodlight fixtures feature high wattage to ensure powerful illumination even in large areas. 50~200 Watt available.

Safety: Safety is an important feature of our products, which are particularly suitable for areas where security lighting is required, such as commercial premises, courtyards or garages.

Widely Applicable: Our floodlights can be used in a variety of scenarios, including but not limited to landscape lighting, architectural lighting, security lighting and billboard lighting.

Wide Illumination Angle: The 120° wide angle design has a wide irradiation angle to ensure a wider range of illumination, which can cover a larger area and provide an even lighting effect.

High Quality & Durability: Onforu's products have excellent quality and durability, made of high-quality materials, which can work stably for a long time and reduce replacement and maintenance costs.

Where is LED Flood Light Used?

Whether outdoors or indoors, LED floodlights are ideal for creating dramatic lighting effects. Outdoors, they can light up your patio, pool, deck, driveway, or even industrial sites and building facades. For indoor spaces such as garages, balconies, bars or offices, LED floodlights are also a great lighting solution. You can install them on walls, eaves, gutters or even parking lots to create an ambient lighting effect. In addition, LED floodlights are also suitable for a variety of scenarios such as pathways, hallways, construction sites, and stadiums, where their high brightness and efficiency make them indispensable lighting tools. 

FAQs About LED Flood Light

What is LED flood light?

LED flood lights are high brightness, high efficiency lighting devices that use LED technology and are widely used for outdoor landscape lighting and security lighting. High-quality LED floodlight fixtures offer a variety of advantages: superior brightness and energy efficiency to ensure high brightness illumination with minimal energy consumption. Advanced waterproof design and IP65/IP66 rating certification ensures the product works stably in inclement weather with long term durability. 

Are LED flood lights waterproof?

For use outdoors, most LED flood lights are waterproof to some degree, but water resistance varies from product to product. Usually, these products state their protection rating (IP rating) in the specification sheet, such as IP65 or IP66. These indicators show how resistant the floodlight is to dust and water. IP65 means that it is effective against splashing water, while IP66 means that it is suitable for more hostile environments and prevents strong jets of water from entering.

How long do LED flood lights last?

The lifespan of outdoor LED floodlights varies depending on the quality of manufacture, frequency of use and environmental factors. Generally speaking, quality LED floodlights can last 30,000 hours or more. Often, manufacturers provide an expected life span for LED light fixtures, but proper installation and sensible usage also play an important role in their longevity.

What is the brightest outdoor LED flood light?

The brightest outdoor LED flood lights will vary based on their unique design and luminosity rating. Generally speaking, higher brightness LED floodlights provide more intense illumination, so you need to check the product specification sheet carefully to understand their luminosity before purchasing. Onforu offers floodlights with different wattages and different lumens to fit different outdoor lighting needs.

Are LED flood lights any good?

Yes, the best LED floodlights are an efficient and reliable lighting solution. They provide excellent illumination, are more energy efficient than traditional lighting, and can effectively reduce energy consumption. LED technology is more environmentally friendly and typically has a longer lifespan, often lasting tens of thousands of hours, greatly reducing the frequency of replacement and maintenance.

Are LED flood lights as bright as halogen?

LED floodlights will have a higher energy efficiency ratio when compared to halogen lamps of the same wattage, while providing similar or higher brightness. This means that using LED floodlights not only provides the same amount of brightness, but also saves you more money on your energy bills.

Can LED flood lights be used outdoors?

Yes, LED floodlights are suitable for outdoor environments. Due to their waterproof design and durability, LED floodlights are often used in outdoor areas such as outdoor landscaping, building lighting, and parking lots to provide a bright, energy-efficient lighting solution for the outdoors.

Do LED flood lights get hot?

LED floodlights generate much less heat compared to traditional fixtures. LED lights use semiconductor technology and lose less heat in the process of converting electrical energy into light energy, so they are relatively low heat and more energy efficient.

Do LED flood lights use a lot of electricity?

LED floodlights are more energy efficient than traditional lighting solutions. They provide the same or even better illumination with less power. This energy-efficient performance allows LED floodlights to save significantly on electricity costs in real-world applications.

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Why Choose Onforu LED Flood Light

Onforu LED Floodlight is ideal for your outdoor lighting. Designed for outdoor use with IP66 waterproof rating for safe use in inclement weather. Utilizing advanced LED technology, they provide a long-lasting, durable lighting solution and are energy efficient while maintaining brightness. Whether you're looking for the best lighting for your home or commercial use, Onforu floodlights deliver superior illumination.

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