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Onforu's Bluetooth Speaker blends music and light effects to bring you a richer audiovisual experience. As a wireless bluetooth speaker, our LED light speaker offers excellent sound performance for a high-quality music playback experience. The built-in LED lighting effects bring a colorful visual feast. With RGB LED technology, it can create a unique atmosphere for you with multiple colors and light effects. Lightweight and portable design, easy to carry to outdoor party or camping. Moreover, with waterproof function, you can use it with peace of mind even outdoors or by the pool. Not only can it be used for indoor parties, TV and movie sound, but also as an ideal companion for outdoor parties or camping, all of which can create a rich music and light atmosphere for you at any time. Whether indoor or outdoor, the sound quality is clear and realistic. Onforu also provide mini bike speakers for outdoor riding and activities with the same high-performance performance.

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The Features of Bluetooth Light Speaker

Onforu's light speaker is not only a quality music playing device, but also a smart speaker that can bring you colorful lighting effects. Whether it's enriching your home entertainment or enhancing the atmosphere of outdoor activities, it allows you to enjoy a richer audiovisual experience.

Delicate Lighting Design: Bluetooth speaker with colorful LED lighting effects, through intelligent design, it is able to provide a variety of colors, light effects and brightness, creating a rich visual feast, allowing music and lighting to blend perfectly.

Wireless Bluetooth: Adopting wireless bluetooth technology, it can easily connect to your cell phone, tablet or other bluetooth devices, making music playback more convenient, no need for cumbersome connecting cables, enjoy music anytime and anywhere.

Waterproof Design: With waterproof function, suitable for outdoor use, whether you are at the poolside, campsite or outdoor party, you can use it with peace of mind without being affected by water vapor.

High Quality Sound: Excellent sound quality, providing high-fidelity sound, clear and powerful music performance, immersing you in high-quality music enjoyment.

Multi-scene Application: Suitable for a variety of occasions, whether it's a family gathering, outdoor activities or camping party, it can create the right music and lighting atmosphere for you to fit the scene.

Strong Battery Life: With excellent battery life, you can play music for a long time without frequent charging, ensuring that you continue to enjoy the music and lighting effects.

Onforu Bike Speaker: Compact and lightweight, easy to carry, supports Bluetooth technology, equipped with a quality subwoofer excellent sound quality, suitable for outdoor activities, camping, cycling, and traveling. Waterproof function is suitable for use in the bathroom, shower or outdoors, even when encountering splashes of water or light rain will not affect its normal operation.

Where is Bluetooth Light Speaker Used?

Light Speaker is a multifunctional device that combines music playback with lighting effects, suitable for use in parties and social occasions, outdoor activities such as picnics, camping or open-air gatherings, family entertainment and stage performances. Through its unique LED lighting effects and sound system, it creates a cheerful and enthusiastic atmosphere for the event while providing high quality sound and unique lighting effects.

FAQs About Bluetooth Speaker

What is LED light speaker?

LED light speaker is a combination of Auido bluetooth speaker and with different LED lights, is a 2 in 1 smart device. Make Bluetooth speakers no longer monotonous. Combining visual and auditory sensations with each other. The introduction of Bluetooth, LED RGB lights and more durable rechargeable batteries make the light speaker easier and also quite fun to use as you can see the light show combined with music.

What are the features of the Onforu LED light speaker?

Onforu high performance and high quality LED light lantern speaker combines excellent waterproof performance and convenient size, allowing you to use it in multiple scenarios. In addition sharp treble, solid bass and rich midrange, you can get the immersive music effect of surround sound, which is a good choice for indoor and outdoor parties, home theater, wedding confessions, road shows, camping, picnics, beaches, team building, and family gatherings.

Does Onforu wireless speaker support multiple functions and scenes?

Onforu wireless speaker supports multiple functions and scenes. Whether it is a party, family gathering, outdoor activities, or wedding proposal and road show, it can provide excellent music experience and surround sound to meet your diverse needs.

What is the battery life of this mini bike speaker?

The portable bluetooth speaker can run up to 10 hours at 60% volume. You can indulge in high-quality stereo sound!

What is the best bluetooth speaker?

The best speaker depends on a number of factors such as its sound quality, connection stability, water resistance, battery life and price. You can make your choice based on your budget and your need for speakers. For example, if you need to use it outdoors, you may need to consider the waterproof performance; if you require high sound quality, you may need to look for a speaker with excellent sound performance. Onforu's bluetooth speakers can best meet your needs!

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Why Choose Onforu Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Whether it's Onforu's Larger Lantern Speaker or Mini Bike Speaker, they're both quality music playback devices that enrich your home entertainment or enhance the ambiance of your outdoor activities, making for a richer listening experience. And the RGB Light Speaker can bring you colorful lighting effects. All speaker with handle and porable, clear sound quality and high endurance allows you to enjoy uninterrupted music time! Also, light up your music! 

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