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IPX5 Waterproof Lantern Speakers with LED Mood Lights

Upgrade Onforu Bluetooth Lantern Speaker

Have you ever seriously understood the function of the bluetooth lantern speaker (or speaker lamp)? That is a bluetooth speaker with rgb lights. And use these features to their fullest! Make you feel that you are getting more than your money's worth!

As the first lantern speaker launched by ONFORU, from the launch to now nearly more than a year, has received a lot of praise, in which we also combined with customer feedback for product upgrades, in the next content, we will introduce to you in detail the information of this product, including the introduction of features, functional use, appearance information, etc.


    The reason why it is called lantern speaker is due to its design appearance, with an integrated handle, the use of conventional lanterns, can be hung, can also be done to decorate, so that the surrounding environment looks less monotonous, enhance the mood of pleasure.

    So Onforu lantern speaker is also inspired by the creation of conventional lantern ornaments. Our specialty is LED lighting, what kind of experience would it be to combine lights with music? Perhaps a small concert scene. Music and light fusion, visual and auditory combination of experience, can be easily felt by everyone in person.

    Lantern Speaker Features


      When in the outdoor party, one speaker may seem too monotonous, two together combined effect experience more excellent, imagine the live concert is to surround your whole person and let you immerse yourself in it.

      Onforu Lantern Speaker supports pairing multiple speakers at the same time without the need for apps, power cords. Using advanced 5.8GHz signal technology, the lantern speakers work in tandem to provide better audio enjoyment.

      2.LED Light Show

      Onforu bluetooth speaker outdoor party.png

      RGB LED lights are our specialty at Onforu, so we added colored LED lights in this Bluetooth speaker, including 56 LED beads that can change colors for a superb experience of lighting effects in the dark. With 8 colors of light display and fade/pulse that change color with music.

      Music and lights can make your party atmosphere active. Provides the perfect atmosphere for yards, gardens, barbecues and camping.

      3.360° HD Stereo Sound

      25W of powerful sound from 2 * 12.5 watt full-range drivers and 2 passive radiators per speaker. The subwoofer rumbles with less than 1% total harmonic distortion for an unparalleled listening experience.

      A variety of paired Bluetooth speakers ensure you enjoy 360° HD stereo surround sound. No matter where you stand, it sounds exactly the same.

      4.IPX5 Waterproof

      Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof

      As outdoor use of this scenario, it is essential to deal with the special outdoor environment, as IPX5 waterproof rating, Onforu lantern speaker with dustproof and splash/rain protection (but this does not mean that it can be thrown into the pool), IPX5 to ensure that you can use this speaker in any activity all year round.

      5.Bluetooth 4.2

      Bluetooth 4.2 version for more stable connection and wider range. Setting up the LED light speaker is very fast and easy to connect to your phone, while the Onforu lantern speaker is also equipped with a 3.5mm auxiliary cable connection for your different needs to use.

      6.20 Hours Playtime

      Onforu speaker is large, but does not mean strong power consumption, built-in 6,600 mA rechargeable battery, can be fully charged in 3 hours, medium volume playback time up to 20 hours, maximum playback time up to 10 hours, depending on the light mode and volume. You can also charge and play at the same time. The long battery life is enough to enjoy your time at a party or gathering with friends outdoors.

       Function Usage


      Onforu lantern speaker indoor display

      If you prefer to stay in an indoor environment, such as working or relaxing, the Onforu LED lantern speaker bass effect is suitable for home experience, whether it is relaxing classical music or exciting EDM, or audiobooks (podcasts, radio). The downward-firing woofer pushes bass from the bottom to the surface, causing it to bounce back to create a fuller soundstage and fill the room with surround sound.

      Do not forget the most important point, like the color lighting atmosphere, Onforu lantern speaker is also equipped with LED lights, so that you can enjoy music in the room with the atmosphere of the lights, these multi-color LEDs are driven by the sound, creating a rich color atmosphere. A total of eight different light colors, all with a sound response that can be fascinating to watch. It's really fun to experience it indoors with family or friends, but if party lights aren't what you're looking for, you can turn it off.

      At a time when lights and sound are a source of distraction and overwhelm, this LED light and speaker are combined into one, setting the tone for a more serene atmosphere.


      Onforu lantern speaker outdoor display

      Warmer days are just around the corner and that means spending more time outdoors. It could also be at home in the yard, like a backyard barbecue, pool party, or lawn sports, or outdoor picnics, camping, beach parties and all the other places you want to bring the music, Onforu lantern speakers can meet your needs.

      Sometimes the family backyard party, want to listen to music, there are home speakers at home, but inconvenient to move, perhaps because of the wire or too large. In this new wireless era, they may not be the best choice, so will choose a direct phone or small speakers, but the sound is too small or too poor sound, but also encounter accidental water (drink spill, rain, fall into the pool).

      The Onforu Bluetooth lantern speaker is loud enough to fill your backyard with sound and rugged enough to survive a light rainstorm. The advanced Bluetooth connectivity that supports multiple audios allows you to pair multiple speakers at the same time and spread them out in all directions in your backyard, and of course, you can hang them from trees so that surround sound can be experienced throughout the space.

      When in the night time, you can also turn on the light effect to increase the atmosphere, will be clear, crisp highs; smooth, balanced midrange; and rich, deep bass fusion LED lights, for you and your family, friends to enhance the mood of the party. Plus, the IPX5 waterproof rating makes it safe to carry to pools, lakes and beaches. It is rugged and durable, with a sturdy construction and durable exterior. No need to worry that it will be easily damaged.

      Product Specifications

      Brand:  ONFORU
      Power:  25W
      Type:  Bluetooth speaker with RGB LED light
      Bluetooth Version:  4.2
      Waterproof:  IPX5
      Charging Time:  3 hours
      Playback Time - Speaker:  Up to 9 hours (maximum volume), up to 20 hours (50% volume)
      Playback Time - Light + Speaker: Up to 5 hours (maximum volume), up to 10 hours (50% volume)
      Built-in Lithium Battery:  6600mAh (2200mAh*3)
      Bluetooth Transmission:  The distance between the speaker and the phone should be 10-20M. the distance between two speakers should be within 30M (open area)


      Size and Weight

      Package Size(L x W x H): 16.5 x 14 x 8 inches
      Package Weight:  6 kg / 211.64 oz
      Product Dimensions(L x W x H):  11 x 7 x 7 inches
      Product Weight:  2.36 kg/70.55 oz
      Product Guarantee:  2-year unlimited warranty with high-end acrylic housing, sophisticated light source and top-notch speakers



      Overall, Onforu lantern speaker as an important companion for indoor, balcony, garden or wherever you need it.

      Onforu lantern speaker allows you to spend happy party time with friends and family, so that the combination of sound and light add fun atmosphere, regardless of the price, function, it is the best choice.

      After reading this article, I believe you will have a better understanding of Onforu speakers. Of course, will also play a knowledge of you.

      FAQs of ONFORU Speaker

      1. How to sync onforu speakers

      Step1: Turn on one speaker first. (Main Speaker)

      Step2: Turn on the rest speakers. (Receivers)

      Step3: Press SYNC Button  “ ONFORU SPEAKER06 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker - icon 10”on the first speaker till transmitter light(TX) starts flashing.

      Step4: Press SYNC Button on the rest speakers till the RX indicators flash and then stay on.


      2. How to pair onforu speakers
      • TO PAIR (Enable Bluetooth on your device)
      Onforu Speaker SK01 Paring Step
      If Bluetooth light is flashing, you can match your devices directly. If not, press until the light flashes, and then search for "ONFORU SK01“ on your device and pair the devices.
      • PAIRED

      Onforu Speaker SK01 Paring Step

      After pairing successfully, the Bluetooth light will stay on and you can hear a chime.


      Onforu SK01 Speaker Paring Step

      Press Bluetooth button 4-5 seconds until you hear a chime, the devices will be disconnected.


      Onforu SK01 Speaker Paring

      If your device is once out of Bluetooth range (30ft-60ft / 10m-20m) for > 5 mins, press Bluetooth button to wake up Bluetooth and pair the devices again

      3. Where can I find Onforu bluetooth speaker manual

      Both the product and the product instruction manual will be in the package at the same time.

      If the paper version of the instruction manual is accidentally lost, you can download it from the Onforu website - User Manuals.

      More Tips for Maintaining Speaker

      1.Avoid deformation

      Do not place the LED light speaker in direct sunlight, away from heat sources such as heaters, because excessive temperature may deform the appearance of the speaker or make its internal components do not work properly. Please do not place heavy objects on the speakers.

      2.Turn off in time

      When not using the speaker, turn it off in a timely manner, both to save power and make the speaker life longer.

      3.Volume adjustment skills

      When we just open the speaker, you can not immediately turn the volume to the maximum, so as not to produce a strong impact on the speaker before warming up. This is very detrimental to the internal structure of the speaker, it is easy to damage the speaker. Play a few songs, and then slowly turn up the volume.

      4.Clean the speakers regularly

      Frequent cleaning to reduce the adverse effects of dust on the internal components of the speakers, so that the speakers have a longer service life.

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