Bluetooth Light Speaker - How Does Light Change with Music?

LED Bluetooth Speaker

Ambient lighting is one of the smart lamps often seen on the market nowadays. It is also known as LED ambient lighting, a type of lighting often found in theme parks, hotels, homes, exhibitions, businesses and art lighting to create the desired ambiance for people's lives.

However, when ambient lighting is combined with smart speakers, a new trend, many people use them as one of the home decorations, because it can be based on the home speaker, and add a lot of color atmosphere to the home, people can set their own lighting needs (such as color, temperature, brightness, etc.) to set their preferred scene scenario lighting effect, according to their respective requirements, the scene situation, in different spaces and time Select and control the brightness, greyscale and color changes of the light.

But it has another feature, its lighting will change with the music. What is the principle of the lighting changing with the music while the lighting is combined with the music? Let's get to know the lights on the speaker!

Why does the light change with the music? How does it work?

In simple terms, the lights are programmed to create a 'lighting script' for them to follow. This depends on what is being played on the speaker. The program uses a color algorithm to match the color of the smart lights to what is happening with the sound.

They are based on the principle that LED lights can be controlled by switching circuits such as triode switching circuits and turn-off thyristor circuits for their power supply, the problem is to obtain a control voltage that varies with the music to control the switching circuits connected to the LED lights to turn them on and off. The control voltage can be used with a voltage comparison circuit.

For example, two LED lights as the load of the triode switching circuit, which base preset bias voltage is different, the audio output voltage when coupled to the two circuit base through the capacitor at the same time, the bias voltage of the higher way to get a slightly lower audio voltage will be on, corresponding to the LED lights, while the bias voltage of the lower way to need a larger audio voltage to get on; in this way, the two lights can follow the output size. 

Alternatively, if the two biased switching circuits are driven by the high and low-frequency dividers, the switching circuits are controlled by different frequency voltages and the lights follow the frequency blinking.

Why choose a LED light speaker instead of a regular Bluetooth speaker?

The LED Light Speaker combines both LED lights and Bluetooth speakers into one product. The overall performance will be better than ordinary Bluetooth speakers. Imagine a relaxing evening with friends, or on a beach at a gentle sunset, where you and your friends or family, are sitting on the beach with a glass of wine or a drink, in happy conversation. Music is essential in such a happy evening. The color light show is the best choice for you.

It is possible to flash the RGB lights quickly to relaxing music or to change slowly to quiet music. With this RGB light and music feature, you can have double the fun when gathering with your family and friends!

Even after a long week at work, you can spend a relaxing evening with calming music and soft lights. Or you can spend a quiet evening in the garden - the portable LED Light Speaker with water resistant function is the perfect product for every situation.

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  • Arbica Mriea

    Fantastic article! Explains how music influences light beautifully. A must-read for anyone curious about the magic of synesthesia.

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