Black Flood Light

Black Flood Light


    Black Light Flood Light

    Looking for black LED flood lights suitable for indoor and outdoor? ONFORU offers the best high quality strong UV black light flood lights for you to choose. Each of our floodlights utilizes high quality black light LED chips to ensure high frequency light output, more efficient heat dissipation, and longer service life. The product is safe and reliable, great for most reactive pigments, dyes and paints. IP66 rated waterproof design ensures that this black LED flood light can work stably both indoors and outdoors, perfectly adapting to your needs. If you are looking for portable decorations for Halloween, events, glow parties or fluorescent effects, our products are just ideal for you. Welcome to buy and add more colors to your fluorescent party!

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    FAQs of Black Light Fixtures

    Blacklight is a type of ultraviolet (UV) light. The main characteristic of blacklight is that it emits ultraviolet light (UV-A band), a wavelength of light that causes fluorescent substances in objects to glow.

    Under black light, fluorescent pigments or fluorescent materials usually appear in colors such as bright green, bright blue, and bright purple. These colors react because they absorb ultraviolet light and emit visible light.

    Fluorescent paints, certain detergents, white fabrics, white paper, and fluorescent notebooks can emit bright light under black light.

    Blacklights are commonly used for stage performances, theme parties, decorations, artwork displays and more.

    Blacklights can reveal fluorescent substances. This means that when black light hits certain specific substances, these substances will emit a visible bright light.

    Blacklight allows people to see objects that emit bright light by exciting the surfaces of objects that contain fluorescent substances, causing them to absorb and re-emit visible light.

    Generally speaking, blacklight under normal use is not significantly harmful to the human body. However, prolonged exposure to high intensity UV light may have adverse effects on the eyes and skin. Therefore, it is important to protect your skin and eyes from prolonged exposure when using black light.