Christmas Lighting Application

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Christmas with Onforu Christmas lighting collection. Discover the perfect combination of blacklights, RGB floodlights, fairy lights, and light speakers. Experience the synergy of these lighting elements as they transform your Christmas space into a breathtaking spectacle, evoking warmth, cheer, and wonder. Embrace the enchantment and explore our collection today.

RGB Floodlights

With Onforu's RGB floodlight series, you can create stunning and colorful effects that will bring Christmas decorations to life. Whether it's lighting up a tree or rendering a wall into a gorgeous rainbow, these fixtures will bring endless creativity and fun to your decorative scene. For a longer decorative effect, Onforu's RGB floodlight bars will meet your expectations! With adjustable color and brightness, you can create stunning light effects indoors or outdoors. Place these light bars next to your Christmas tree or along the edge of your garden to add a magical and magical atmosphere to your decorations.

Fairy Lights

The LED Fairy Lights brings you an enchanting elfin touch on Christmas night. Small and delicate, they can be used for interior decorations such as hanging in windows or decorating Christmas wreaths. The soft light of fairy lights adds warmth and romance to your space and lets you immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas.

Black Lights & Light Speakers

Want to enjoy the perfect blend of music and light? Onforu's line of lighted speakers will give you an unforgettable experience. These smart speakers not only provide high-quality audio effects, but also equipped with magnificent light effects that can flash with the changing rhythm of music. Whether it's for an indoor party or outdoor decoration, these lamps will present a breathtaking fluorescent effect. Place them in your Christmas party venue to add motion and joy to your celebration. Create a stunning black light effect.