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Onforu's outstanding LED shoebox light series, a premium lighting solution dedicated to providing superior performance and reliability. Featuring a waterproof design that ensures stable operation in a variety of harsh weather conditions, our LED shoebox lights provide superior safety lighting for city streets, parking lots, and buildings. Featuring ultra-high brightness and provide broad and even illumination for nighttime traffic and pedestrians, enlivening spaces. Utilizing high power LED technology to provide excellent illumination, the high lumen output ensures bright illumination even in large areas. The widely applicable design makes them not only suitable for city streets and parking lots, but also ideal for lighting pathways, around buildings and other outdoor spaces.

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The Features of LED Shoebox Light

Carefully constructed LED shoebox lights not only focus on brightness and functionality, but also add a unique touch of light to cities and neighborhoods.

Superior Brightness: Uniquely designed, it provides a wide range of illumination with a brightness of up to 8,400lm to 42,000lm, ensuring bright and even illumination over a wide area.

IP65 Waterproof: With IP66 grade waterproof performance, it is suitable for all kinds of harsh weather conditions, ensuring continuous and stable work in rain and snow.

Moderate Color Temperature: Adopting 5000K daytime white color, the LED shoebox light produces clear and bright light to improve nighttime visual effect and create a safer environment for pedestrians and drivers.

High Color Rendering Index: CRI>80 ensures that the fixture is able to reproduce true colors, providing clear and realistic lighting effects and better recognition of road surfaces and buildings.

Multiple Wattage Options: Including 60W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W, 300W, to meet different lighting needs, flexible to adapt to different scenes.

Excellent Performance: Through advanced heat dissipation design, the excellent heat dissipation effect ensures that the LED light fixtures maintain stable performance when used for a long time, prolonging the service life.

Standard Certification: With ETL, CE, RoHs and other certifications to ensure that the product meets international lighting standards and is of reliable quality.

Wide Application: Suitable for city streets, parking lots, roads, walkways, squares and other scenes, providing efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions for cities and communities. enabling users to install and maintain the lamps more easily.

5 Years Warranty: Provide five-year warranty to protect the stability of the product performance in the normal use of the range, so you can rest assured that the choice and use of LED street lights.

Where is LED Shoebox Used?

When it comes to sports venues, whether it's a basketball court or a tennis court, LED shoebox lighting creates clear and even illumination for athletes and spectators, enhancing the spectacle and safety of the game. Stadiums also benefit from LED lighting, with its high brightness and even distribution of light energizing the entire venue. For parking lots and roadways, LED shoebox lights provide high brightness, evenly distributed light that improves nighttime driving safety and provides clear visibility for pedestrians and vehicles. In garages and warehouses, where continuous lighting is required, LED shoebox lights are ideal for their long life and high performance. Commercial areas and industrial locations also require strong and stable lighting, and LED shoebox lights provide long-lasting, high-brightness lighting in these areas to enhance productivity.

FAQs About LED Shoebox Light

What are the different types of LED street lights?

LED street lights come in a variety of types, including, functionally.

· Traditional LED street lights: The basic design follows the look of a traditional street light, but utilizes LED technology to provide more efficient lighting.

· Modular LED street lights: Consist of multiple modules for easy maintenance and replacement of parts for improved reliability.

· Solar LED street light: Equipped with solar panels, can be charged by solar energy, green and environmental protection.

· Intelligent LED street light: Integrated with intelligent control system, it can adjust the lighting level according to the environment brightness, motion detection, etc. to improve the energy saving effect.

It can also be distinguished from the appearance as, shoebox light, floodlight, etc.

Which lighting is best for parking lots?

For parking lots, you can distinguish between outdoor and indoor, the best choices for indoor are flood lights, canopy lights and high bay lights, and the best choices for outdoor are shoebox lights and flood lights. It is necessary to combine the premises of the parking lot and choose the right lamps to provide high brightness and evenly distributed light to ensure its visibility and safety.

How long do LED street lights last?

LED street lights usually last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, depending on the quality and the environment in which they are used. Compared to traditional street lights, LED street lights last longer and reduce maintenance costs.

What is an LED shoebox light?

LED shoebox light is a specially designed LED street light with a shape similar to a shoebox, which is widely used to illuminate parking lots, streets and squares. It usually has high brightness, high efficiency and even light distribution.

How many lumens do you need to light a parking lot?

The lighting needs of a parking lot depend on a number of factors, including the size of the parking lot, the purpose for which it is being used, and the ambient light levels.

For outdoor parking lots, lighting levels of 20 to 30 lumens per square foot are typically sufficient to provide basic illumination and visual comfort, while areas requiring higher levels of illumination, such as entrances or exits, may require 30 to 50 lumens per square foot. For indoor parking lots, general illumination levels typically range from 30 to 50 lumens per square foot, while entrances and exits may require higher illumination levels of approximately 50 to 100 lumens per square foot.

When determining lighting levels, professional lighting design is recommended to ensure safe and comfortable lighting in a variety of scenarios.

What are the benefits of LED shoebox lights?

LED shoebox lights are characterized by high efficiency, long life, uniform light distribution, environmental protection and intelligent control. Its bright, energy-efficient lighting makes it ideal for areas such as parking lots and plazas, reducing maintenance costs and improving energy efficiency.

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Onforu LED shoebox lights are ideal for a wide range of applications in areas such as parking lots, roads, and plazas because of their high efficiency, environmental friendliness, and intelligence while providing high-quality lighting.

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