High Bay Light

Onforu's collection of High Bay Lights is the perfect choice for lighting your large spaces. Designed with UFO or Linear style LEDs, they offer a unique look while providing excellent illumination. Not only are these fixtures ideal for lighting large spaces, but low mounted LEDs are also available to address the lighting needs of lower level spaces. Their strong waterproof performance makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. The high lumen output ensures high brightness and enhances space safety and work efficiency. Onforu's fixtures not only have a unique look, but also stand out with their waterproof design and high lumen output, providing you with the best lighting solution.

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The Features of High Bay Light

Onforu's LED high bay lights collection offers superior lighting solutions, specifically designed for large spaces, for an unparalleled bright experience.

Energy Efficient: Utilizes the latest LED technology to dramatically reduce energy consumption. Onforu LED high bay light can save up to 80% on energy bills compared to traditional lighting.

Durable: Carefully designed and rigorously tested for superior durability and long-term stability. High-quality materials and manufacturing processes ensure reliability, dramatically reducing the need for fixture replacement and maintenance.

High Brightness: LED high bay lights offer excellent brightness output, providing high-quality illumination and ensuring an even, bright illumination of the work area or space. Effectively reducing shadows and glare.

Easy Installation: Quick and easy to install, suitable for a variety of installation environments. Our fixtures are designed with the user in mind, reducing installation difficulties, time and costs.

Safe and Reliable: Complies with international safety standards and has multiple safety protection measures. Onforu lights design adopts safety protection features such as anti-overheating and anti-electric shock to ensure a stable and safe lighting environment.

5 Years Warranty: Onforu high bay light series provide up to 5 years warranty service, providing you with a full range of after-sales support and protection, so that you can choose and use with confidence.

Widely Applicable: Warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, supermarkets, parking lots and other places. Best for commercial or industrial environment.

Excellent Waterproof: With excellent IP66 waterproof performance, it can adapt to a variety of harsh environments, ensuring stable operation even in wet or changing weather conditions.

Where is LED High Bay Light Used?

Whether it's industrial, commercial, stadiums, parking lots or large event venues, LED high bay light is ideal for a variety of scenarios with its high efficiency and wide applicability, providing excellent lighting support for different areas. Such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, factory, supermarkets, shopping centers, outdoor parking lots or underground parking lots, they provide high brightness and uniform lighting effects. Ensuring a safe and productive indoor working environment also creates a comfortable, modern atmosphere for the business environment and enhances the customer experience.

FAQs About LED High Bay Light

What is LED high bay light?

The LED High Bay Light is an efficient, energy-saving fixture designed to illuminate high-ceilinged spaces. It utilizes advanced LED technology and is presented in a UFO or linear design to provide even, powerful lighting for large commercial and industrial spaces. LED High Bay Light features high brightness and high efficiency to cover wide spaces and consistently provide even light. They offer significant energy-saving and environmental advantages over traditional lighting, and have long life and durability, reducing replacement and maintenance costs. At the same time, these lamps are waterproof, dustproof, shock-resistant and impact-resistant, adapting to a variety of harsh environments. Widely used in commercial and industrial environmence.

How many led high bay lights do i need?

Determining the number of LED highbay lights you need is a complex issue that involves a number of factors. Key factors that need to be factored into your lighting requirements include the size, shape and ceiling height of the space.

For example, if you have a 20m x 30m warehouse with a ceiling height of 8m, you may need around 10 to 15 LED high bay lights of over 100W to ensure that the lighting covers the entire area and remains sufficiently bright. In contrast, a 10m x 10m factory floor with a ceiling height of 5m may only need 2 or 4 LED high bay lights of less than 100W to meet the lighting requirements. If you are unsure how many LED lights are required, you can contact us and let us advise you on the best solution.

How to hang high bay lights?

Step1: Safety checks and preparations need to be made prior to installation by turning off the power and securing the work area.

Step2: Determine the proper mounting location and make sure the mounting point can be easily reached and prepared.

Step3: Mark and install hooks or hangers, which must be secure and able to support the weight of the fixture.

Step4: Once the hooks or hangers are in place, the next step is to install the chains or rigging and attach them to the fixture. Ensure that the hanging chain or rigging is securely fastened to support the weight of the fixture.

Step5: Properly connect the fixture's power cord according to the supplied instruction connection guide. Ensure that the electrical connections are correct and comply with applicable electrical safety standards.

Step6: Once the installation is complete, adjust the position of the luminaire to ensure that it is at the desired angle of illumination and that it covers the entire lighting area evenly.

Step7: Perform a final check to ensure that the luminaire is securely fastened to the hook or hanger and that the power connections are strong and free of looseness.

Step8: Perform a test to confirm proper operation of the luminaire, turn on the power and observe the luminaire's operating condition and light distribution.

What's the difference between high bay and low bay lights?

High bay lights and low bay lights differ significantly in design and use. Typically mounted on ceilings higher than 20 feet (about 6 meters), high bay lights are used to illuminate large spaces, such as warehouses and gymnasiums, to provide broad, even illumination. Low hanging fixtures, on the other hand, are mounted on lower ceilings and are used in small commercial or industrial spaces, such as retail stores and offices, to provide localized lighting. High mounted fixtures provide higher brightness and a wider range of illumination, while low mounted fixtures provide a more localized lighting effect. Both offer diverse lighting solutions for different types of commercial and industrial environments, depending on the mounting height and the place of application.

What is the lifespan of LED high bay lights?

The lifespan of a high mount light usually depends on the quality of manufacture, conditions of use and type of fixture. Typically, high-quality LED highbay lights provide a minimum of 30,000 hours of life and are often more durable and have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting.

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Why Choose Onforu LED High Bay Light

Onforu's LED high bay lights not only have a unique look, but their powerful waterproofing makes them suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. The high lumen output ensures high brightness lighting effect to enhance space safety and work efficiency. Providing you with the best lighting solution.

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