Dusk to Dawn Light

Explore Onforu's range of dusk to dawn LED outdoor lights, which utilize advanced LED technology to provide superior brightness and ensure all-around safety and protection. Optional 3-head and 5-head designs cover a wider range of illumination, while the intelligent dusk to dawn feature allows it to automatically light up at nightfall and turn off at dawn. With IP65 rated waterproof performance, it can operate reliably even in harsh weather conditions. The ultra-high color temperature of 6500K brings bright and clear illumination to outdoor environments. Onforu dusk to dawn series not only provides highly efficient automated lighting, but also focuses on waterproof performance in its design, providing the best choice for your home and commercial areas, making your living space full of convenience and excellent lighting experience.

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The Features of Dusk till Dawn Light

Outstanding performance and intelligent design, Onforu's LED dusk-to-dawn lights can be an ideal choice for your home, whether you're looking for increased home security or reliable lighting for nighttime activities.

Dusk Till Dawn: These fixtures are equipped with light sensors, which can automatically adjust the brightness according to the ambient light, ensuring appropriate lighting effects at different times, which is both energy-saving and comfortable.

Waterproof Design: