Switch Control Security Light

Switch Control Security Light


    Outside LED Security Light

    Outdoor LED flood lights are ideal for increasing safety and illuminating the exterior of homes and buildings after dark. Onforu's security lights are made with advanced, high-efficiency LEDs that save 80-90% on electricity bills.The IP65 rating ensures that the outdoor lights work even in harsh weather conditions such as rain, sleet, and snow. Ideal for outdoor lighting, it is perfect for illuminating your backyard, garage, porch, entrance, barn, store or alley. Onforu outdoor light fixtures can be easily installed by following some simple wiring steps. Made of high-quality aluminum housing material, the back radiator design provides excellent heat dissipation and extends the life of the LEDs.

    Dusk to Dawn Security Light | Motion Sensor Security Light

    FAQs of LED Outdoor Security Lights

    LED security lights typically have a very long lifespan. Typically, LED security lights can last upwards of 25,000 to 30,000 hours, depending on the quality of the fixture and the environment in which it is used. LED fixtures last longer than traditional lighting, making them more economically and sustainably advantageous.

    Yes, LED security lighting fixtures are excellent. They provide bright, efficient lighting with many benefits such as long life, low energy consumption, high brightness and durability.LED safety lights also have excellent color performance and reliability, making them a great choice for outdoor safety lighting.

    Most LED security lights are waterproof. These fixtures are usually designed with an IP65 rating or higher for water resistance to water and moisture in harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor use.

    The brightness of LED outdoor lights varies by model and specification. Generally speaking, the brightness of LED security lights is measured in lumens (Lumen). Different models of LED security lights may have different lumen values, typically ranging from a few hundred lumens to tens of thousands of lumens. The most common lumen values are 3000 lumens, 5500 lumens, 6000 lumens and 10000 lumens.