Security Light

Onforu's outdoor security lights utilize advanced LED technology and are equipped with a high-performance light source to provide excellent illumination. They are also IP65 rated waterproof, ensuring that they work reliably in all kinds of harsh weather conditions. Available in a choice of color temperatures to suit your preferences and needs, including 6500K, 5000K, 4000K and 2700K, with a wide range of wattage options including 27W, 36W, 55W, 60W, 70W and 100W, as well as up to 9000 lumens of brightness. Bring clear, ultra bright white lighting to your outdoor spaces. These best-in-class styles feature 3 or 5 lighting heads, some equipped with motion sensors and dusk-to-dawn auto on/off. The solar-powered wireless design and WiFi connectivity make these lights easy to install and control, providing added convenience and safety, making them more environmentally friendly, and allowing you to not have to worry about power supply issues.

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