Motion Sensor Light

Onforu super bright waterproof LED motion sensor light. Utilizing the latest LED technology, it provides powerful lighting for your home and commercial areas with superior brightness and high power output. Multiple power options including 27W, 36W, 40W, 55W, 65W and 100W. With an IP65 waterproof rating, it works reliably in rain or snow. The Onforu motion detector light fixtures offers a choice of 3 or 5 head designs to achieve a wider range of illumination to meet the needs of your home patio or commercial area. Equipped with advanced motion sensor technology, smart sensing ensures that the light is activated only when needed for smart energy saving. Whether in terms of safety, lighting effect or intelligence, this LED motion sensor serie is the best choice to ensure your space is always safe and bright.

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The Features of LED Motion Light

High quality sensors, detectors and automatic activation make this fixture a smart guardian of your home or commercial space.

Motion Sensor: Some fixtures are equipped with motion detector to sense the dynamics around you. When activity is detected, the light fixture will automatically activate, providing you with a smarter and more efficient experience.

Waterproof Design: Whether it's harsh rain or wet conditions, Onforu's security lighting fixtures are designed with a waterproof design (IP65 rating) to ensure stable operation in all weather conditions and provide a long-lasting experience.

Wide Applications: Suitable for a variety of outdoor scenes, including home front, yard, driveway, garden, etc. It can also be used in commercial places and public places to meet a variety of needs.

Safe and Durable: Rigorously tested and designed, Onforu's security lights are durable and reliable, with excellent durability, can work stably for a long time and provide reliable security.

High Brightness: Onforu's light fixtures utilize high-performance LED light sources to ensure excellent lighting effects. Whether you choose 3600LM, 5500LM, 6200LM or up to 9000LM high lumen models, they all provide  powerful illumination to make your outdoor space bright and clear.

Multi-Wattage Options: To meet different lighting needs, Onforu offers a variety of power options, including 27W, 36W, 55W, 65W and 100W, choose the right intensity of lighting for your needs.

Where is LED Motion Sensor Light Used?

In outdoor environments, these motion fixtures can be used to illuminate areas such as garages, porches, patios, backyards, building facades, gardens, driveways, and yards, providing you with reliable illumination while also enhancing the appearance of your home. In the commercial and architectural sectors, LED motion sensor lights can be installed in locations such as entrances, parking lots, campuses, front doors, building exteriors, and signposts to ensure that these areas are adequately illuminated at night. These fixtures play a key role in improving safety, whether in schools, building entrances, parking lots or front doors, and are ideal for security lighting. In architectural landscaping, LED motion sensor lights can illuminate building exteriors, signs, landscapes and gardens, creating a unique and striking effect on the overall environment. Notably, these fixtures support a variety of mounting options, and can be installed in cornices, on surfaces, or on building structures. The flexibility and versatility of these mounting options make them suitable for a wide variety of scenarios, ensuring that you can find the best mounting solution in different locations.

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FAQs About Motion Sensor Light

What is motion sensor light?

LED motion sensor light is a new technology designed and developed using the infrared, pyroelectric principle to sense human activity information, specifically designed to detect and sense human activity information products.

How to keep motion sensor light on?

Motion sensor lights are typically designed to turn on automatically when motion is detected and stay on for a period of time, but some models may allow the light to be kept on manually. This may require an adjustment in the sensor light's settings or triggering a specific manual mode, which may vary from product to product, please refer to the product manual.

How to install motion sensor light?

Installation of an induction light typically involves determining the mounting location, securing the light in place and ensuring power is supplied. Installation procedures may vary depending on the brand or model of the fixture. It is recommended to follow the product manual or instructions.

How to wire a motion sensor light?

Connecting the wires of an induction light usually involves connecting the power cord of the luminaire to the power system. Ensure that the power supply is disconnected before installation and then gradually connect the cables to the appropriate power supply and switch according to the instructions provided in the product manual.

How to reset a motion sensor light?

Resetting motion lights may vary by manufacturer and model. In general, it may be necessary to press specific buttons on the fixture or follow specific reset steps to reset the fixture. Please refer to the product manual for specific instructions.

How do motion security lights work?

Motion sensor lights(motion detector or motion activated) use sensors to sense movement around you. These sensors can detect human activity, heat or motion in the surrounding area and use this to trigger the lights to turn on and off. Typically, when the sensor detects motion, it automatically activates the light; when no motion is detected, the light automatically turns off. This automatic on/off function allows the fixture to save energy more efficiently while providing a safe and convenient lighting environment for users.

How to adjust motion sensor light switch?

The sensitivity of a sensor light can usually be set or adjusted on the fixture. This may require adjusting the sensitivity control on the sensor or following the product manuals.

What is the best outdoor solar motion sensor light?

The best outdoor solar sensor lights are those that have excellent brightness, long life, waterproof performance, and sensitive motion sensing capabilities. Features include a powerful solar charging system, adjustable sensor light modes, energy efficient design, and durable housing materials.

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