Enabling Smart Lighting and Security - New Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Enabling Smart Lighting and Security - New Solar Motion Sensor Lights

With solar energy as a source of clean, renewable energy constantly shining on our planet, solar lighting technology has become an important part of the solution to the energy problem. And solar lighting technology is what transforms this energy into practical light and safety.

As technology continues to advance and innovate, solar motion sensor lights play an important role in this lighting field. This smart lighting device is not just meant to provide light, but it is a great tool to detect motion and provide safety at night or in the dark. Its unique smart sensing system makes it ideal for outdoor security lighting.

Here, we will introduce Onforu's latest solar powered motion sensor lights, showing its practical application and importance in modern life.

Brand New Onforu 5 Heads Solar Motion Lights

Onforu 5 Heads Solar Motion LED Security Light TY13

Products Name: Onforu 5 Heads Solar Motion Lights TY13 

Color Temperature: 6500K

Luminous Flux: 3000lm

Waterproof: IP65 Rating

Control Method: Remote Control


  • Upgraded Motion Detection Design
  • 3 Lighting Modes(PIR Mode/PIR Dim Mode/Always-on Dim Mode)
  • Convenient Solar Powered
  • 5 Light Heads Ultra Wide Illumination

Onforu Solar Motion Lights

Intelligent Sensing, Multiple Guarantees

Equipped with advanced sensing technology and built-in high sensitivity motion sensor. Whether it's a dark corner of the night, the corner of your yard or the edge of your driveway, the light will automatically come on when someone or an animal approaches, providing you with instant illumination and security. What's more interesting is its adjustable sensing range and angle to ensure coverage of your desired area, so you can enjoy the convenience of smart sensing with confidence.

High-efficiency Solar Charging, Energy-saving and Environmentally Friendly

Utilizes daytime sunlight to charge and provide continuous lighting at night. There is no need for external power supply or frequent battery replacement, allowing you to get rid of annoying electricity and maintenance costs. In addition, its environmentally friendly and energy-saving design not only helps to reduce energy consumption, but also injects a green element into your outdoor space, contributing to environmental protection.

Durable and Waterproof, Adaptable to Various Scenarios

Whether in hot summer, cold winter or rainy season, this light has excellent durability and waterproof performance. Made of high-quality materials, it is durable and able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

Solar Motion Light Application Scenarios

Solar Motion Outdoor Lights

The key features and diverse application scenarios of this solar motion sensor light make it ideal for outdoor space lighting and safety and security.

1. Garden Lighting

In the yard, this solar motion sensor light can be used as the main lighting device. When night falls or when there is motion sensing, it provides sufficiently bright lighting to increase the sense of security and comfort in the living environment.

2. Driveway Safety

Installed in the driveway or garage entrance, the light automatically illuminates when a vehicle or pedestrian approaches, providing bright illumination that enhances safety and prevents accidents.

3. Porch Protection

Installed on a porch or entryway, the Smart Motion Sensor Light provides instant illumination to make you feel safer and more convenient when returning home or greeting visitors.

How to Install & Maintain Solar Motion Lights

Install Solar Motion Lights

Installation Steps

  1. Choose a mounting location: Pick a location that is fully exposed to sunlight to ensure that the solar panel can receive sufficient sunlight and charge.
  2. Secure the installation: Use the supplied mounting brackets or wall fixings to secure the solar panel in a suitable location. Ensure that the installation is firm and undisturbed.
  3. Mounting the luminaire: Install the luminaire in the area to be illuminated as required. Ensure that the luminaire can effectively illuminate the target area.


  1. Charging: After the installation is completed, make sure the solar panel is exposed to the sunlight to fully charge to ensure that the luminaire can function properly.
  2. Smart Sensing: At night or under low light conditions, the solar motion sensor light will automatically actived when a person or animal enters the sensing range. The sensing distance and sensitivity can be adjusted according to demand.
  3. Auto Light Off: The light will automatically turn off after a set period of time if no further activity is detected to save energy.

Maintenance Notes

  1. Clean the Solar Panel: Regularly check the surface of the solar panel for dust or dirt, keeping its surface clean will help the charging effect.
  2. Check Fixings: Regularly check the mounting fixings for looseness to ensure that the luminaire is firmly and securely mounted in position to avoid affecting the lighting effect due to looseness.
  3. Battery Maintenance: If it is necessary to replace the batteries, please follow the product manual or relevant instructions to ensure that appropriate replacement batteries are used.

Outdoor Solar Motion Lights

What is the best outdoor solar motion sensor light

The key lies in its brightness, coverage, durability and solar charging efficiency. Quality solar motion sensor lights usually feature higher brightness, wide coverage angles, and come with adjustable motion detection ranges to suit different usage scenarios. In addition, weather resistance and efficient solar panels are also important factors in determining the best choice.

Are solar motion lights any good

Solar motion lights are favored for their energy efficiency, easy installation, safety enhancements, versatility, and low maintenance costs. Relying on solar power, these lights are not only energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but they can be installed without complicated wiring. Their motion sensors provide additional safety and security, while a variety of designs and styles can be selected to suit different outdoor environments and aesthetic needs.

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