Does Solar Flood Lights Work Well In Winter?

Does Solar Flood Lights Work Well In Winter?

A high quality solar light is able to collect solar energy during the day (cloudy days), and also in cold winter.

All you need to know about solar lights

What is a solar light?

Solar lights, most commonly known as solar flood lights used outdoors, are a lighting system consisting of LED lights, solar panels, batteries, and a charge controller. Solar lights work with electricity from batteries, which are charged by using solar panels (solar photovoltaic panels).

Solar lights can replace other light sources, such as candles or kerosene lamps. Solar lights are less expensive to operate than kerosene lamps because renewable energy from the sun is free, unlike fuel. In addition, solar lamps do not produce air pollution like kerosene lamps. However, the initial cost of solar lights is usually higher and depends on the weather and the sunlight.

Solar lights used in rural areas are often able to provide electricity for other devices, such as charging cell phones. In recent years, the cost of solar lights has continued to decline as solar modules and lamps have been produced in large quantities. Solar lights are gaining attention as safe, environmentally friendly energy-saving lights.

What are the components of solar lights?

Solar lights are mainly composed of solar panels, LED lamps and lanterns, controllers, lithium batteries, and light poles several parts of the light composition.

Solar panels currently on the market are monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon panels, the efficiency conversion is relatively high, and the wind-resistant design of the system is very beneficial.

LED lamp head, mainly white and yellow light, using a dot matrix as a flat light source.

The light pole is made of stainless steel, waterproof, windproof, and rustproof. Beautiful and durable.

Lithium battery, less maintenance, the use of high conversion, but also maintenance-free battery, reduce system maintenance costs.

Controller design, taking into account the light control, time control, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, and other functions, high-cost performance.

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What are the benefits of using solar lights?

Green Energy Efficient Saving

The biggest advantage of solar lights is that they save energy, which is why the public is more willing to accept this new product. This kind of product can convert the sunlight in nature into its own energy, which can really reduce a lot of power consumption. Now after the development of the city's construction, the input of street lights is also more, and the amount of electricity saved every day by the application of solar lights is very considerable.

Safe, Stable, and Reliable

There are many hidden problems of urban street lights, some because the quality of construction is not up to standard, some because of aging materials, or power supply failure and other reasons, but it must be admitted that the power supply street lights do bring a certain bad impact on people's lives. The solar lamp is a product that does not require the use of alternating current, which is used to absorb solar energy, and will automatically convert it into the required high-tech battery, there is very high safety performance.

Longer Service Life

LED bulbs last up to six times longer than other bulbs on the market. This saves users the money and effort of having to go out and buy replacements more often. LED lights also do not generate heat, which typically occurs with other bulbs and leads to a shorter lifespan.

Green Environmental Protection

Solar lights do not release any elements that can cause pollution to the environment in the whole process of conversion. And there is no radiation and other problems, which is fully in line with the current concept of green products.

Durable and Practical

Because of long-term exposure to the air, subject to the wind and the sun's bad weather, the requirements of solar lamp wiring as well as lampshades, and even bulbs will be higher. So the high-quality solar lights on the market can meet the most basic standards, service life of at least 5 years.

Low Maintenance Costs

With the continuous expansion of urban construction, many remote areas also have solar street lights and other equipment, conventional street lights, if the power generation or transmission and other aspects of the problem, the cost of maintenance is very high, such as underground wires, labor costs are high. Solar lights do not need wiring, you can save a lot of expenses, only need to check it in a fixed period of time, and the overall maintenance costs are very low.

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What you should pay attention to before buying solar floodlights?

  1. Solar panel size, the larger the panel is, the higher the power; but also the panel conversion rate, generally about 18% is qualified. If the panel conversion rate of 20% or more, that is high-quality panels.
  2. Battery size, the larger the capacity, the longer the range. Generally are lithium batteries, the market is more used 18650 battery.
  3. The number of lamp heads, the more the number, not necessarily the greater the brightness, mainly the power, the more lamp beads does not increase the brightness, but increases the resistance, increasing energy consumption.
  4. The material of the lampshade, including plastic and aluminum, because the LED heat is relatively large, needs good heat dissipation, aluminum alloy than plastic is good.
  5. IP rating. Can resist bad weather, such as waterproof and lightning, generally, solar lights are installed outdoors, need to consider the rainy day waterproof needs. 

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After the above content, the use of solar security lighting offers many conveniences to life. Providing extra safety and security at night, using good lighting provides better detail to the surroundings than any other light has ever done before.

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