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Explore Onforu proud line of LED Canopy Light fixtures, an outdoor lighting fixture that is not only designed to be the brightest option with the highest lumens, but also features superior waterproofing to ensure stable operation in a variety of weather conditions. Its high power performance ensures wider coverage, infusing your outdoor space with superb brightnessDesigned for outdoor environments, this fixture can be used on building facades, gas station canopies, parking lots, and more, providing not only excellent functional lighting, but also eye-catching visual highlights for your space. Choosing the LED canopy light fixture means choosing the brightest, best performing, waterproof design exterior lighting solution. Let this fixture create an exceptional lighting experience in any outdoor setting and make your space shine.

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The Features of LED Canopy Light

Onforu LED Canopy Light Fixture for the waterproof, brightest, best performing exterior lighting solution in any outdoor setting.

Superior Light Efficiency: Excellent light output of up to 135 lumens per watt provides you with a highly luminous lighting effect to ensure more energy savings while illuminating a large area.

IP65 Waterproof: Strictly IP65 waterproof testing ensures stable operation in harsh weather conditions without fear of the elements, providing a long-lasting, reliable lighting solution for your space.

High Brightness: Adopting 5000K color temperature, it presents clear, vibrant white light, providing high brightness illumination, creating a bright and pleasant environment for your area.

High Color Rendering Index: More than 80 CRI, restore the real and natural color, make the illuminated object color more vivid and real.

Widely Applicable: Suitable for gas stations, parking lots, entrance ways and other outdoor places, providing professional and efficient lighting solutions to meet the lighting needs of different environments.

ETL Qualified: ETL certification ensures that the products meet the quality and safety standards of the North American market, providing users with high-quality, reliable lighting products.

5 Years warranty: Provide up to 5 years of warranty period, to provide a longer-term protection for your investment, to ensure that the product always maintains high performance during the warranty period.

Easy Installation: Adopting simple design and reasonable structure installation scheme reduces maintenance and installation costs, enabling users to install and maintain the lamps more easily.

Safe and Reliable: The use of high-quality materials and strict manufacturing processes to ensure that the lamps remain safe and reliable over a long period of time, providing users with a peace of mind experience.

Where is LED Canopy Light Used?

In stores, LED canopy lights provide clear illumination for merchandise and enhance the shopping experience. In warehouse environments, its high brightness and wide illumination range improves work efficiency and safety. And in home garages, LED canopy lights not only provide bright lighting for vehicles, but also improve overall safety. In addition, LED canopy lights are suitable for homes, gyms, parking lots, gas stations, industrial and commercial buildings, providing even and bright lighting effects in a variety of locations. In stairwells and corridors, LED canopy lights ensure adequate visibility for pedestrians and improve safety. Meanwhile, its application in toll booths provides clear illumination for staff and vehicles, helping to improve traffic flow.

FAQs About LED Canopy Light

What is LED canopy light?

LED Canopy Lights are lighting fixtures that utilize LED technology and are designed to provide efficient, bright, and even illumination. These fixtures are typically mounted in canopies or suspended below ceilings to illuminate specific areas such as gas stations, parking lots, warehouses, stores, garages, etc. LED Canopy Lights are designed to provide a reliable lighting solution while being energy efficient, durable, and environmentally friendly.

What are the benefits of LED canopy lights??

Energy Efficient: LED technology provides high-efficiency lighting and significantly reduces energy consumption compared to traditional lighting fixtures.

Long Life: LED canopy light fixtures have a long life, with a longer service life, reducing the frequency of replacement and maintenance.

High Brightness: LED canopy lights provide high brightness illumination, ensuring bright and even lighting effects.

Eco-friendly: LED canopy lights are environmentally friendly as they contain no hazardous substances and produce a small carbon footprint during manufacture and use.

Instant On: LED canopy lights start up instantly without warming up, providing instant illumination.

Dimmability: Some LED canopy lights support dimmable function, which enables you to adjust the light level according to your needs, improving the flexibility of lighting.

How long do LED outdoor canopy lights last?

LED outdoor canopy lights usually have a long lifespan, usually up to tens of thousands of hours. The exact lifespan depends on factors such as the quality of the LED fixture, the manufacturing process, and the environment in which it is used. Quality LED fixtures usually provide a longer lifespan.

How to Install LED canopy lighting?

Turn off the power: Before proceeding with the installation, make sure to disconnect the power supply to ensure safety.

Mounting brackets: Depending on the design of the LED canopy light, mount the brackets to the ceiling or other support structure.

Connect power: Connect the LED canopy light to the power supply, make sure the wiring is correct and pay attention to the polarity.

Fixed installation: Fix the LED canopy light to the bracket, make sure it is firmly installed.

Debugging and testing: Reconnect the power supply, carry out debugging and testing to ensure that the LED ceiling light works properly.

Is canopy LED lighting dimmable?

Not all LED canopy lights support dimming, which needs to be confirmed according to the specific product specification. If dimmability is required, please check the product specification or consult the manufacturer before purchase.

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Why Choose Onforu LED Canopy Light

Choosing Onforu LED canopy light fixture means choosing the brightest, best performing, waterproof design exterior lighting solution. Let this fixture create a superior lighting experience that will make your space shine in any outdoor setting.

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