New 5-Head Outdoor Wall Light Series: Superior Security Lighting

In order to meet the diversified outdoor lighting needs of customers, Onforu proudly presents the new 5-head outdoor security light series. Compared with the traditional 2-head and 3-head wall sconces, the 5-head outdoor lights have become the first choice of many users for their wider lighting range and higher brightness. These new security lights not only bring a bright lighting effect to your outdoor space, but also effectively enhance your home safety.

What are the benefits of using 5 heads security lights?

Using 5 head security light fixtures in outdoor spaces brings many benefits that make them an ideal security lighting option. Here are a few of the benefits of using 5 head wall sconces:

· Powerful Lighting Capacity: 5 head security lights are equipped with multiple LED bulbs that provide more powerful lighting capacity to cover a wider area. This makes it possible to provide high-quality lighting effects in large outdoor locations such as gardens, patios, driveways and parking lots.

· Enhanced Safety: The high brightness and wide irradiation range of the 5 head wall lights can effectively improve the safety of outdoor spaces. They can brighten up your home or commercial premises, reducing potential security risks, preventing break-ins by unscrupulous people, and giving you and your family or customers greater peace of mind.

· Adjustability: Many 5-head security lights come with adjustable heads that allow you to change the direction and angle of the light as needed. This adjustability allows you to customize your lighting setup for specific lighting needs, such as illuminating a particular area or object.

· Energy Saving And Efficient: Despite the powerful lighting capabilities of 5 head wall lights, they are typically designed with energy efficient LED bulbs. Compared to traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, LED fixtures use less power, saving energy and reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

· Durable And Reliable: 5 head security lights are usually manufactured with high-quality materials that are waterproof, dustproof and durable, able to work in all kinds of harsh weather conditions. Their durability ensures a long service life, providing you with stable and reliable lighting effects.

What are the advantages of 5 head security lights?

The key advantage of Onforu's new 5 Head Outdoor security lights is their high power output, providing ultra-high lumen brightness. This makes them outstanding performers in outdoor lighting, providing not only a bright illumination but also an effective deterrent to potential crime. In addition, these lights utilize high-quality LED light sources with a long lifespan, which will continue to provide you with high-quality lighting and save you more and longer maintenance costs.

New Releases Onforu 5 Head LED Security Lights

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1. 5 Heads 55W Motion Sensor LED Security Light BD76

Featuring state-of-the-art LED technology, these security lights deliver outstanding brightness (55 watts) to illuminate your space with ease. With five individual positioning lights and a motion sensor, they offer an ultra-wide lighting range of up to 1230 sq.ft.

The built-in motion sensor activates the lights upon detecting movement, ensuring your space is always well-lit when needed. Made with graphene and PA66, the light fixture is durable, waterproof (IP65), rust-resistant, and heat-dissipating. Quick and simple installation makes it user-friendly and perfect for DIY customers.

2. 5 Heads 27W Motion Sensor LED Security Light BD77

Illuminate and save energy with Onforu's 27W floodlight, featuring 84 LED beads, offering 2800LM brightness, equivalent to a 200W traditional bulb. Enjoy motion-activated convenience with the built-in PIR tech-motion detection. IP65 waterproof and rust-proof design make it ideal for outdoor use. Easy and quick installation for DIY enthusiasts.

3. 5 Heads 55W Smart WiFi Motion Sensor LED Security Lights BD78

WiFi APP & Voice Control, simply connect via 2.4GHz WiFi and use Alexa or Google Assistant to activate your floodlight effortlessly. Personalize color temperature, motion settings, brightness, and more in the "Onforu" APP. Enjoy tunable color temp from 2700K to 6500K and 5-level brightness for the perfect ambiance. Enhanced motion detection with 180° angle and 72.7FT range ensures accurate activation. 

Set specific time schedules for automatic on/off, or customize color temperatures and brightness for different hours. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, our IP65 Waterproof LED flood lights are perfect for yards, porches, garages, and gardens. Experience safety, longevity, and energy efficiency today! (Note: adapter not waterproof).

4. 5 Heads 27W Motion Sensor and Dusk to Dawn LED Security Light BD79

Illuminate your desired area with five adjustable lights and motion sensor, covering up to 442 sq.ft. Enjoy the convenience of a remote-controlled security light, no need for ladders or constant adjustments. With 3-in-1 working modes, it functions as a motion sensor light, dusk to dawn light, and ON/OFF switch-controlled light. Expand your lighting system by networking multiple lights together for simultaneous activation. Installation is quick and hassle-free, perfect for DIY enthusiasts.

Using Outdoor 5 Head Security Lights delivers high levels of illumination to improve the safety of your outdoor space and offers the benefits of being adjustable, energy efficient, and durable and reliable. The 5 Head LED light is a very practical choice for homes and commercial establishments that need to provide quality lighting in their outdoor spaces.

5. 5 Head LED Solar Motion Security Lights with Remote TY11

Adjustable 360-degree lighting angle, it provides 3000 lumens of superb brightness to ensure you see everything in your yard clearly. This outdoor flood light is powered by solar energy, realizing zero electricity cost and environmental protection and energy saving. Efficient solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, ensuring enough power is stored for different weather conditions and working even in low light conditions.

In addition, with network function, allowing you to easily pair and adjust multiple fixtures together. Flexible installation for a wide range of scenarios, the solar cell cable is 16.4 feet long and can be installed in multiple sunny locations. Moreover, the IP65 rated dust and waterproof design allows you to use it in any weather, whether it's a wall, an eave, a garage, or a tree trunk, you can install it easily.

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