Outdoor Wall Lights: For A Warm and Safe Lighting Experience

Outdoor wall sconces have become a popular choice for many home decorations, giving you comfortable lighting and improved safety at night. In this article, we will introduce Onforu's latest outdoor wall sconces and discuss their features and benefits.

What is an outdoor wall sconce?

Outdoor wall light fixtures are usually installed on the outdoor wall, is a kind of lighting equipment for exterior space, but also can play the role of outdoor decoration. Outdoor wall sconces are very simple and atmospheric in design, can be matched with a variety of architectural styles and environments, and outdoor wall sconces provide a very uniform and soft light, which can bring a comfortable lighting experience for many places.

Characteristics of Outdoor Wall Lights

A high quality outdoor wall light should have the following characteristics:

· High efficiency & energy saving: High quality lighting fixtures have low energy consumption, which can reduce energy waste and at the same time be friendly to the environment with excellent energy saving technology.

· Long service life: Longer service life must be made of durable materials and high quality LED lights, which can reduce replacement and maintenance costs.

· Waterproof & dustproof: Long-term exposure to the outdoor environment requires good waterproof and dustproof performance to ensure normal operation in harsh climatic conditions.

· High Brightness: The use of high quality LED light source can provide high brightness lighting effect, and at the same time ensure that the outdoor space is fully illuminated to provide security.

· Convenient Installation: A good product needs to be combined with the user's practical scenarios, simple and easy to understand the installation guide will provide convenience to the user.

· Aesthetically pleasing design: High-quality design can be combined with many environmental decoration styles, thus enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Onforu's New Outdoor Wall Lights

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Onforu Outdoor Wall Lantern, Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Lights for House, IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Wall Lights, Exterior Light Fixture, Porch Lights Outdoor Wall for Garage Doorway

Onforu's outdoor LED lantern lights offer a number of excellent features that make them an ideal outdoor lighting choice.

· Three Control Modes: Manual turn on/off; Dusk to Dawn Mode; Remote Control.

· IP65 Waterproof: With heavy-duty rugged metal construction and clear glass panels, are ideal for any outdoor environment. 

· Timing Function: Customize on/off time & lighting mode for outdoor garage lights based on your schedule.

· Wide Application: Ideal for the front porch, garage, driveway, shed, entryway, etc.

· High-quality shell: Made of sturdy glass and metal materials, with efficient heat dissipation performance, as well as sturdy LED blubs protection.

FAQs of Outdoor Wall Lights

1. Which outdoor lantern lights are the best?

There are many styles of outdoor wall sconces on the market, but many of them are of varying quality, Onforu has been groping for outdoor lighting equipment and improving and upgrading its products according to users' feedbacks, so the 2023 model of Onforu outdoor LED lantern light will be the best choice for you. You can choose the outdoor lighting equipment that suits you according to your actual needs.

2. Are outdoor lantern lights waterproof?

Yes, Onforu exterior light fixture with heavy-duty rugged metal construction and clear glass panels, are ideal for any outdoor environment. Even if it is raining, snowing, hot or cold, these outdoor wall lights exterior will not rust or corrode after years of use.

3. How to change outdoor lantern light bulb?

· First, turn off the power supply;

· Second, remove the old bulb by rotating the bulb counterclockwise from underneath the lampshade;

· Then, install the new bulb clockwise from under the lampshade;

· Finally, turn on the power.

4. How to open outdoor lantern lights?

The Built-in IC light sensor in Onforu wall light will sensitively detect the brightness of surroundings. It will turn on automatically at night when the surroundings are dark (brightness less than 2 LUX) and turn off automatically in the daytime (brightness more than 10 LUX) to ensure efficient energy.

Also, the wall light can be turned on/ off via a home switch or remote.

5. How to install outdoor lantern lights?

*Before beginning assembly of product, make sure all parts are present. Compare parts with parts list. If any part is missing or damaged, do not attempt to assemble the product. Estimated Assembly Time: 30-60 minutes.

*Recommended to be installed on the ground above 1.2m (3.94 ft) and no higher than 5 m (16.4 ft).


1. Pass the long screw through the middle hole of the fixing bracket

2. Fix the bracket to the junction box.

3. Wiring.

4. Pass the long screw through the light hole to secure the light to the junction box.

5. Install the bulb.

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