Unlock a New Party Experience - Brand New Bluetooth Party Speaker

Unlock a New Party Experience - Brand New Bluetooth Party Speaker

A powerful sound system is indispensable when hosting a party or enjoying the great outdoors. Imagine a tree-lined garden, a mildly sunny backyard, a beautiful moonlit beach, where melodious music and colorful lights intertwine to create a perfect outdoor party atmosphere for you and your friends. This is exactly what Onforu's latest Bluetooth party speaker can bring you.

Onforu has always been committed to providing users with high-quality, portable and waterproof audio products. This Bluetooth speaker has been completely upgraded with excellent sound quality and waterproof design, and it is also equipped with colorful RGB lights, which adds infinite fun to outdoor activities. No need to worry about power supply, this speaker adopts wireless connection, allowing you to move freely and enjoy the beauty of music.

Whether it's an outdoor party, a camping event or a patio gathering, this LED speaker will bring you the perfect music and light experience. Let's explore this professional, experienced, authentic and reliable outdoor bluetooth speaker to add a fun and comfort to your outdoor life.

Product Features

Onforu Brand New Bluetooth Party Speaker

  1. True Wireless Stereo Pairing: With 2 * 12.5W full-range drivers and 2 passive radiators, it delivers 25W of powerful sound. If the 2 speakers are paired, they can produce up to 50W of music. The speaker with less than 1% total harmonic distortion delivers an unrivaled listening experience with 360°HD surround sound.
  2. Bluetooth 5.0: More stable connection and longer range. Bluetooth speakers are quick to set up and easy to connect to your cell phone. The speaker can be connected via Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable.
  3. RGB Rainbow Light Effect & Sync with Music: The wireless outdoor Bluetooth speakers can set RGB streamer light mode like a rainbow. Lights can be synched with music, creating a fiery party atmosphere. There is also a color-changing RGB jump and breathing gradient mode, which can fix your favorite color when gradient. 
  4. IPX5 waterproof: With an IPX5 waterproof rating, this speaker is dustproof, splashproof and able to withstand wind and rain, ensuring that your music is protected from the elements.
  5. Up to 20H Playtime: Outdoor speakers' built-in 6600mAh battery can be fully powered within 3H, up to 20H of playtime. USB input & output charging, not only charging for speakers but also as a power bank to charge your smart devices.

Common Application Scenarios

Onforu party speakers have a wide range of applications in various occasions, whether it is an outdoor party, family gatherings or open-air activities, can play its unique advantages, for the activities of the scene to bring unlimited fun and dynamic atmosphere.

Outdoor Party

outdoor bluetooth speaker

In an outdoor environment, atmosphere speakers can provide powerful volume and clear sound quality, allowing the music to reverberate in the open space. Whether you are camping, barbecuing on the beach or having a garden party, Bluetooth party speakers are easy to carry and add musical entertainment to the event. Especially equipped with waterproof function, the Bluetooth speaker is more able to cope with all kinds of challenges in the outdoor environment, so that the party will continue to go on smoothly.

Family Gatherings

outdoor bluetooth party speaker

Whether it's a birthday party, a holiday gathering or a gathering of friends, the outdoor speakers can add a fun atmosphere to family events. With its portable design and easy-to-connect Bluetooth functionality, you can play your favorite music anytime, anywhere, adding dynamic music to family gatherings so that everyone enjoys a fun time.

Open Air Event

outdoor waterproof bluetooth speaker

For outdoor music festivals, open-air weddings, or sports competitions, the wireless outdoor speaker brings a powerful musical effect to the event. Its high-quality sound and powerful volume allow the music to reverberate through the vast open-air venue, creating a vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere. At the same time, the Onforu bluetooth speaker with lights effects can add visual effects to the event, so that everyone is immersed in the charm of music and lighting.

How has this party Bluetooth speaker been upgraded?

First of all, we have improved the appearance of the product. We moved the buttons to the front of the product to make it easier for users to operate. In addition, the upgraded appearance also reduced the weight of the product by 8.83 ounces, making it easier to carry.

Secondly, we upgraded the Bluetooth version from 4.2 to 5.0, which means the connection signal is more stable and the connection distance is longer, bringing users a better experience.

Most importantly, this speaker emphasizes the lighting effect. Now, the RGB lights can automatically change according to the rhythm of the music, bringing users both visual and auditory enjoyment. This highlight makes the music party more exciting and dynamic.

As an integral part of modern parties, Bluetooth party speakers bring us a richer and more dynamic party experience. They not only provide high-quality music playback, but also integrate the features of portability and versatility to make the party more exciting.

Choose Onforu's latest atmospheric speakers to add more fun and surprise to your party!

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