Choosing the Best UV Black Light: Top 5 Must-Know Features

How to Choosing A LED UV Black Light

In modern life, whether we are attending a fun party gathering or shooting a great video, a blacklight can always add a certain aesthetic appeal to our lives with its unique luminous design. They are suitable for a wide range of occasions, including interior decoration, or for outdoor entertaining, DJ lighting, party gatherings and more.

Blacklights have revolutionized the way we gather or display art installations, but how do you buy a suitable blacklight? What are the things we should consider before buying?

The main difference in how to choose a suitable blacklight LED is that it must be combined with your lighting needs. Perhaps you are unaware of the factors you must consider when buying a blacklight fixture , here are the top 5 things you will have to consider.

1. Type of black light fixtures

The first thing to consider when buying blacklight LED is the type of lighting. Generally speaking, there are 4 common types of black light, light bulbs, light floodlights, light strips and light bars. You have to pick them in relation to your usage scenario. All 4 types of blacklight mentioned above can be widely used indoors or outdoors, for regular decoration or for party gatherings.

Black Floodlights

ONFORU Halloween UV Blacklight Light Fixtures

Black floodlights are mainly used in outdoor scenes such as DJ stages, concerts, and KTV. so there are different wattage sizes to choose from. Often they can also be used in small house parties where you may mainly need one or two lights with other lights.

Black Light Bulbs

ONFORU Halloween UV Blacklight Light Fixtures

Blacklight bulbs are commonly used in interiors such as bedrooms and living rooms, as well as in existing light sockets in porches, lamp posts, lamps or terraces. Blacklight bulbs are very energy efficient as they are also a type of LED light.

Black Light Strips

ONFORU Halloween UV Blacklight Light Fixtures

Blacklight strips can be very decorative and these lights are perfect if used indoors. You can simply mount them on a wall or ceiling near an electrical outlet, or around a TV or computer desk. The blacklight bars are easy to install and easy to recycle, and you can also use them in outdoor scenarios.

Black Light Bars

ONFORU Halloween UV Blacklight Light Fixtures

This type of blacklight is also a type of floodlight, but because they are rectangular and shine for a longer length, many people use them outdoors, for example on patio walls, to shine from the bottom up for a wall-washing effect.

2. Lighting space

For normal small party gatherings or body painting shoots, blacklight LED strips, and blacklight bulbs are fine as short-range lighting. However, for long-distance remote use, such as hall to the room, blacklight bulbs, and blacklight strips tend to be less effective. For outdoor ranges, these can range from approximately 5m to 10m, blacklight floodlights are the best.

3. Light intensity

The black light will not be as strong as a normal light bulb, it mainly plays the role of ambient accent, so its light intensity must be enough to reflect the paint or anything that needs to glow. The normal blacklight range is approximately between 385nm and 400nm.

4. Installation

Blacklight floodlights and blacklight bars are relatively simple to install. However, blacklight bulbs and blacklight strips, for example, require consideration as to where they are to be installed, such as in the case of plain ceiling light trim, or require simple drilling or nailing in of fixings.

In addition to the type of fixture, you must also consider the materials needed to install this part of the fixture. For example, the length of the fixture's power cord, whether it can reach the electrical outlet. If used for outdoor use, you also need to check whether the product is equipped with a cable or a plug, and another important thing is whether the product can be applied to the outdoor environment.

5. Budget & Warranty

ONFORU's blacklights fixtures range from $19.99 to $89.99, with different prices for different types. Therefore, you can choose according to your lighting needs, combined with your budget preferences.

There is also a warranty period representing the quality and durability of the black light. We recommend choosing the product with the longest warranty, ONFORU offers not only high-quality products but also a comprehensive after-sales service, for any ONFORU product we offer a two-year warranty.

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If you want to install a LED light fixture indoors or outdoors, you can choose from ONFORU's blacklight series, or you can check out our guide mentioned above for buying reference. We hope this information will help you make the right choice when making your purchase.

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