Best Dusk to Dawn Light Recommendations & User Reviews

Best Dusk to Dawn Light Recommendations

The working principle of dawn to dusk floodlight is based on light sensing technology, when the surrounding environment has insufficient light, the lamps will automatically turn on; while in the daytime when there is enough light, the lamps will automatically turn off. This automated design not only greatly facilitates the user's daily life, but also effectively saves energy, extends the service life of the luminaire and reduces maintenance costs.

Dawn to dusk floodlights are ideal for both homes that need increased security and commercial locations that need reliable lighting, Onforu will recommend some of the best dawn to dusk floodlights on the market today, and combine them with reviews from real users to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

By learning about the features, benefits and user feedback of these fixtures, you will be able to find the best lighting solution for you, adding a measure of safety and peace of mind to your home and commercial premises.

2024 Onforu Best Dusk to Dawn Light Recommendations

Onforu 100W Dusk to Dawn LED Security Light BD64
Onforu 60W Dusk to Dawn LED Security Light BD07 Brown
Onforu 100W Dual-Head Dusk to Dawn LED Barn Light with Remote GC02
200W Dusk to Dawn LED Flood Light FG147
Wattage 100W 60W 100W 200W
Luminous Flux 9000lm 6000lm 10000lm 18000lm
Color Temperature 6500k 6500k 6500k 6500k
Waterproof IP65 IP65 IP65 IP66
Color Choice Black / White Black / White / Brown Black Black
  • Dusk to dawn sensor or quick switch control
  • 154 LEDs high brightness
  • Flexible & adjustable LED heads
  • Indoor & outdoor application
    • 112 LEDs 6000lm brightness
    • Flexible & adjustable heads
    • Great heat dissipation
    • Suitable for outdoor lighting
      • Dusk to dawn & always-on mode
      • Dual-head 10000lm
      • Timing function
      • Perfect for outsides
        • 252 LEDs 18000lm high brightness
        • Dusk to dawn & always-on mode
        • Timer & memory function
        • 180⁰ adjustable bracket


          Dusk to Dawn Lights User Reviews

          · Onforu 100W Dusk to Dawn LED Security Light BD64

          Onforu 100W Dusk to Dawn LED Security Light BD64

          Customer Reviews: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌖 4.8 / 5

          Heidi rhyne: Brightest flood light I’ve ever owned!!!

          June: Lights come on at dusk and is very bright lights up entire yard

          Jeremy: It's pretty easy to install, I had to use the cap and sticker for the dusk to dawn sensor due to the light being so bright. It's incredibly bright. I'm very happy at this time.

          Amazon Customer: I’ve been looking for a light bright enough to light the woods in back of my house. Tried many others but this one did the trick. Love it

          Jaime Flores: I live out in the middle of nowhere where we don’t have any streetlights, I bought this light referred from a friend, with the price I was a bit skeptical because i thought I was going to spend an arm and leg for a very good bright light. But I was wrong this thing lights up my whole front yard to the road.

          · Onforu 60W Dusk to Dawn LED Security Light BD07

          Onforu 60W Dusk to Dawn LED Security Light BD07 Brown

          Customer Reviews: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌖 4.9 / 5

          HediT: I got this to put on a building so my tenant have lots of light and it is like a stadium out there. Now they can see at night when getting home late. It is dawn to dusk which I love! I will be buying another for my barn!

          paola: Not going to lie. These are great. In fact they are so bright my neighbors are complaining and my association just called me out on it… IF you need very bright lights. These are it

          Rockam: Lights are great. The adjustable sides are a very nice feature. Lights up my whole front yard ( 3 acres)

          bstrom: Got it installed without any problems. It came on with the power switch during the day but went off because it's daylight. When dusk arrived it came on automatically! This thing is very bright!

          Terry Glasco: We installed this on our livestock barn and it works great. Gives off plenty of light in all directions and very easy to install. Great product!

          · Onforu 100W Dual-Head Dusk to Dawn LED Barn Light GC02

          Onforu 100W Dual-Head Dusk to Dawn LED Barn Light with Remote GC02

          Customer Reviews: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗 4.5 / 5

          Amazon Customer: These lights are awesome!!! Easy 120v wire hook up, and extremely bright, we bought 2 sets of these and they light up everything in front of our garage and everything about 100 feet in front of that. Great price and nice look.

          Gary Montgomery: Easy installation and crisp white light. Been installed for six weeks and perfect operation so far.

          Whatscool: They are super bright. The beam can reach 50 feet at least at night. Installation was easy. Photo sensor works well. The remote is very helpful. Very happy with this light.

          Angel: The irradiation range on this light is fantastic. I have a portion of my driveway - about 400sqft - that needs some brightness throughout the night to deter the riffraff in my neighborhood and this barn light really does this job quite well.

          American Made: Used *inside* my garage, and really did the trick to brighten up an otherwise dim work area

          Onforu 200W Dusk to Dawn LED Flood Light FG147 

          200W Dusk to Dawn LED Flood Light FG147

          Customer Reviews: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗 4.6 / 5

          Koots: These lights are awesome bright and dusk to dawn perfect

          Stephen Netherlain: Great buy. This ranch has minimal outdoor lighting. We have planet now.

          Lori B: Bought these to play Cornhole at night. I was hoping that it would light up both ends of the Cornhole court just enough to play at night and oh my goodness, it lights up my entire yard!

          Tacoma j: Great product I recommend 👌 highly lights up like a city park or tennis courts style

          Amazon Customer: I’ve only used these for inside jobs. Very bright. Can’t go wrong with LEDs for the money.

          When choosing the right dawn to dusk floodlight, it is vital to consider your specific needs and site conditions. Quality brands such as Onforu offer a wide range of high-performance floodlights to meet the lighting needs of different environments, and have proven the reliability and superiority of their products through positive reviews from many users.

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