How to Choose a Best RGB Light? – Complete Buying Guide

How to Choose a Best RGB Light? – Complete Buying Guide

What is RGB Lighting?

RGB stands for red, green and blue. These are the three base colors of the additive color system. RGB LED light is a lighting device that combines these three colors of diodes to produce almost any color.

An RGB LED is a basic lighting module that consists of three separate diodes. In lighting, we encounter RGB for color lighting. RGB lighting allows you to create millions of different colors of light, all based on these three primary colors.

What should you know before purchasing a RGB Light?

RGB Flood Light


Common rgb lights are these types, rgb flood lights, smart rgb light bar, rgb strip lights.

RGB flood lights, generally used for stage lighting, or photography lighting, can also be used in home decoration, such as living rooms, patios, common use scenes are Halloween, birthday parties, etc..

RGB strip lights, you can DIY many scenes, you can create a colorful atmosphere, designed for a variety of scenes, long enough for bedrooms, bars, countertops and balconies, and bright enough to illuminate the entire area with vibrant colors.

RGB light bars, typically used in bedrooms, living rooms, such as in front of the TV or computer, enhance your colorful gaming atmosphere and smart home experience. You can place on your gaming screen and cabinet to create a pleasant atmosphere, install it or stick it on the back and around your monitor, or even place it flat on the floor to illuminate your walls.

RGB Flood Light

Light Combinations

RGB lighting can display over millions of different colors. Good RGB lights are able to define color combinations at will, and the overall color adjustment process is smooth and does not suddenly fail. Each color channel is expressed from 0 (least saturated) to 255 (most saturated). This means that 16,777,216 different colors can be represented in the RGB color space.


High-quality RGB lights, such as light bars and floodlights, are designed with plastic-coated aluminum housings, which can be made more durable and reliable thanks to their efficient cooling design.


RGB floodlights are often used in larger venues, such as stages, courtyards, so it will have a rectangular appearance, such as ONFORU's RGB Flood Light FG81, and long RGB LED Light CT19.

RGB strips, through their flexibility, can be used at will in home decorations, such as televisions, computers, beds, etc.

RGB light bar, with the highest degree of exquisite appearance, can be used in indoor decorations, such as in front of a TV or computer.


Smart RGB LED Light

There are three most common ways to control RGB light on the market today, remote control, Bluetooth, and smart.

Remote control operation, the most common way to operate RGB lights, but with the popularity of smart devices, there are now Bluetooth and Wifi control modes, so as long as the control is done through your mobile device, there is no need to rush to find a remote control.


In the market will encounter some unbranded light fixtures, these unbranded equipment will have a greater safety risks, they may use low-cost inferior materials for production, such as leakage, burning and so on these phenomena.

Before buying the product are required to see if they will provide product manuals, proof of protection of these materials, and of course, you can also check the credibility of the brand.

Common light fixtures warranty is 1 year, but ONFORU for any products, are to provide a two-year warranty.

Advantages of RGB LED lighting

Healthy and relaxing

Emotionally therapeutic, green light reduces tension, while pink is perfect for evoking feelings of love.

Countless color options

Customize your millions. RGB LED light lets you effortlessly change the colors emitted by your panels. It gives you countless creative possibilities by offering endless color choices including monochrome and color changing. In addition, it features a high color rendering index (CRI) and adjustable color temperature for a variety of applications including staging, display, and photography.

Excellent Heat Dissipation

Its working temperature in -20 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, excellent heat dissipation performance, effectively extend the service life. Adopt high quality shell for efficient cooling.

FAQs of RGB Light

What is the difference between an addressable RGB strip and a regular RGB strip

What is an addressable RGB light?

Individual addressable LED strips, also known as digital LED strips, pixel strips, magic strips or dream color strips, are LED strips with a control IC that allows you to control individual LEDs or groups of LEDs. You can control a specific part of the LED strip, which is why it is called "addressable".

What is the difference between an addressable RGB strip and a regular RGB strip?

A regular LED strip allows you to use one color for the entire LED strip at a time. You can change the color of the entire LED strip at any time, but not just some of the LEDs.

Addressable LED strips allow you to set a different color for each part of the LED, thus creating a variety of colors in different areas of an LED strip.

What is the difference between CMY and RGB lighting?

CMY is the abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, and is a subtractive color mixing mode, where the colors produced by this method are called subtractive because it reduces the amount of reflected light needed for the visual system to recognize colors. CMY is more commonly used for color printing on paper.

RGB is the abbreviation of Red, Green and Blue, and is a summation mixing mode. The more components of each color, the brighter the color obtained, and the value range of each color is 0~255. RGB is often used in computer display and LED lighting equipment.

CMY systems use filters and mechanical devices, while RGB systems typically involve electronics and LEDs. more importantly, saturated colors tend to output fewer lumens in subtractive CMY systems because it filters out more wavelengths. Alternatively, with additive RGB systems, you can use the full output of the emitter to produce saturated colors.


RGB LED lights can create a wide range of colors at a low cost and perform well in terms of brightness while consuming little power. There are many options on the fixture market that can meet any decorative or other lighting need on any budget. Also browse ONFORU's RGB LED collections to choose the best one for you.

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