Why Choose Onforu's UV LED Black Lights?

Why Choose Onforu's UV LED Black Lights?

UV blacklights can be seen everywhere in daily life, whether it is Halloween, Christmas, birthday parties, horror theme parks, exhibition halls, or body painting, graffiti, etc., you can see UV black lights. A good led blacklight can give you a better visual enjoyment. We briefly listed some characteristics of UV lamps, I hope you will like it~

1. Our UV black lights are UVA
With a wavelength of 385-400 nm. UV-A level. Harmless for humans.
It is widely known that tanning with UV light can damage your skin and eyes. Many people want to know if using UV black light in performance is safe for them, especially if you will be exposed to UV light. It lasted for more than a few hours.

To be honest, UVA is the safest UV spectra. Exposure to UVA from black light is well below the accepted safety limits and is harmless to people working nearby. Blacklight exposure is much lower than outdoor UVA does.

2.Excellent fluorescent reactive
Ideal for illuminating most reactive pigments, paints, and dyes with the black light. Especially with neon-colored objects, the blacklights work super cool for UV body paint and other visible fluorescent materials.

3. LED lamp beads
Obviously, LED lamp beads not only have a long service life (50,000+ hours) but are also energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which can save 80% of electricity bills.

4. Multiple choices
We have UV flood lights (15W-100W), UV light strips (5M, 10M), UV bulbs (7W, 15W), UV garage lights, etc. always one option fit for you!

UV floodlight

  • powerful black light
  • 120-degree wide beam angle covers a wide area.
  • IP66 Waterproof, ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Blacklights can be used anywhere with a power outlet, no wiring, no tools required.
  • Easy to position with an adjustable bracket and fast heat dissipation.
UV floodlight
UV light strips
  • 12V Flexible Blacklight Fixtures, Low pressure, Touch safe.
  • Plug and play without wiring. The strong self-adhesive tape holds strip light safely. And the UV led strip lights can be cut to every 3 LEDs along with the cutting marks, without damaging the rest strips.
UV light strips
UV bulbs
  • E26 interface is easy to install, can save a lot of trouble
  • Good-looking, small size, give you unexpected UV surprises
Note: This is a UV bulb, the human eye can only see a small part of the light, so it will appear a little dim when lit. It is mainly used for fluorescence reaction and other purposes, no recommend using as a violet light.
UV bulbs
UV garage lights
  • Blacklight Flood light with E26 regular medium light bulb base. no wiring, no tools required, just screw it into E26 receptacle.
  • Comes with an E39 converter, you could also use a standard E26 base bulb in an E39 screw base lamp socket.
  • 3 LED Leaf, each leaf can be folded up to 90 °and the max light angle can reach 360°, easily adjust a perfect lighting distribution effect according to your needs.
UV garage lights
5. Wide range of applications
Perfect for Halloween, Christmas, Club, party, aquarium, Haunted house, band, theatrical performances, a spacious living room, or yard or other outdoor party spots, etc.

6. Excellent customer service
Fast delivery and satisfactory customer service. 30-day money-back and 5-year product warranty. To learn more product information, you can click on our UV LIGHT page. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the product. We will reply to you within 24-hours.

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