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Founded in 2019, Onforu is dedicated to providing high-quality lighting solutions to customers worldwide. As an innovation-driven manufacturer, we insist on technological innovation and product development, and have won the trust and support of our customers with outstanding quality and excellent service. 

We specialize in the development and production of a wide range of lighting products, including LED flood lights, motion sensor and dusk to dawn lights, solar outdoor lights, RGB flood lights, UV black lights, light strips and smart speakers. Whether it's enhancing home security, improving interior décor, or brightening up the outdoors, Onforu has the ideal lighting solution.

ONFORU has a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals

Our team members come from different fields with years of experience and expertise in the lighting industry. Whether it is in product development, manufacturing, marketing and customer service, our team has demonstrated excellent professionalism and a high degree of dedication. 

It is this dynamic and innovative team that drives Onforu to move forward and create a better light environment.

8 Years

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of sales on innovative research & product development 

ONFORU's corporate culture is centered on “Innovation, Cooperation, Responsibility and Progress”

Mission & Vission

Our mission is to enhance people's quality of life and create a more comfortable and pleasant light environment by providing efficient, energy-saving and aesthetic lighting products.

We are committed to becoming the world's leading lighting brand, constantly promoting the development of lighting technology, creating intelligent, environmentally friendly and humanized lighting solutions, and providing customers with the best light environment experience.

Our Values

·Customer First: Always committed to providing products and services that exceed customers' expectations.

· Innovation-driven: Encourage innovation, continuous technology research and development and product upgrading to meet the ever-changing market demand.

· Quality-oriented: Adhere to the quality as the core, strictly control each production link to ensure high quality products.

· Integrity: We adhere to integrity and build long-term trusting relationships with customers, employees and partners in an honest and transparent manner.

· Environmental Responsibility: Promote sustainable development through green production and energy-saving products.

Why Choose ONFORU?

  • Excellent Quality

Strictly control every production process to ensure that the quality of each product meets the highest standards.

  • Wide Application

Some equipped with smart sense technology and voice control, providing a convenient and intelligent using experience.

  • User Experience

Focus on user experience, easy installation, intuitive operation and perfect after-sales service.

  • Environmental Protection

Not only energy-saving, efficient, but also in line with environmental standards, contributing to the green earth.

Lighting Application Scenarios

  • Home Lighting

Whether it's a living room, bedroom, kitchen or patio, Onforu's lighting fixtures provide a comfortable and cozy light environment.

  • Commercial Lighting

Suitable for offices, stores, restaurants and other commercial places to enhance the professional and stylish feeling of the space.

  • Outdoor Lighting

Onforu outdoor floodlights are suitable for a variety of outdoor activities such as gardens, driveways, camping and more.

  • Decorative Lighting

RGB flood light and UV black light series, provide colorful light effects for parties, festivals and special events to create unique atmosphere.

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