LED Strip Lights: How to Choose the Right Ones

LED Strip Lights: How to Choose the Right Ones

LED strip lights are becoming increasingly popular in common home LED lighting fixtures and are an affordable option for commercial and residential lighting applications. You may have heard that they are more efficient, brighter, longer lasting, don't generate as much heat, are easy to control, and more.

LED strip lights(tape light) as accent lighting come in extremely compact packages that are durable and shock resistant, so they can be used in a variety of large and small designs, and the main point is that they are highly flexible. Buying LED strip lights may seem relatively simple, but there are many things you need to consider to make sure you get the right type of light for your needs.

What Should You Consider Before Buying LED Strip Lights?

1.Uniform Light Source

①. Consistent brightness between the lamp beads - the quality of the LED lamp beads.

Quick judgment method: observe with your eyes whether the light is uniform.

Daylight White LED Strip Light

②. Consistent brightness between the first and last of the strip.

LED strip light needs to use the power supply to drive the light, when the voltage drop of the LED driver power supply is relatively large, the brightness of the head and tail of the LED strip connected too long will be inconsistent phenomenon.

Quick judgment method: connect the required length, light up the strip, put it side by side and compare, and observe with your eyes.

2. Consistent Light Color

Consistent light color, is also a test of the quality of an LED strip light beads are qualified parameters.

LED Strip Light Checker

3. Color Temperature Selection

Generally speaking, the general space using 3000K and 4000K color temperature of the light band more. However, for some spaces, the color of low color temperature strip is warmer, which can be more relaxing and create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, such as hotels and villa clubs.

Color Temperature of LED Strip Light

4. Color Rendering Index > 80

LED strip light color rendering, when the product is used in indirect lighting trough, the color rendering index Ra>80 is a professional LED strip must meet the requirements.

Color Rendering Index

5. Light Strip Continuity

The continuity of the light band is an important consideration for the effect of lighting design, which requires the entire light strip to ensure that no broken areas and dark shadows.

Warm White LED Strip Light

6. Convenient Installation

When used in the light slot, the light slot space is relatively small, if you also need to carry out wiring and fixed installation operations, the installation increases the difficulty, choose a tool-free quick plug fast connection, direct snap-in installation of the light with the product.

LED Strip Light Install

7. High Luminous Efficacy

As a professional LED strip, the luminous efficiency should be at least >60 lm/W under the premise that the color rendering index Ra>80.

In general, the technical parameters of led strip products, the luminous flux (lm) divided by the power (w) to get the luminous efficiency of the product (lm / W). High luminous efficacy means more energy efficient.




Luminous Flux

Color Temperature

Color Rendering Index

















High light
















8. Connection Length

In the electrical code allows, the drive power supply voltage drop can be controlled under the premise that the LED strip can be connected to the longer the distance, at least it will be more power saving, for the maximum length of the requirements of each project site will vary, but prior understanding of the maximum length of the product allowed to connect, is a necessary step before the selection of products.


Finally, to summarize the purchase of a qualified LED strip necessary for professionalism are the following:

  • Uniform Light Source

  • Consistent Light Color

  • Color Temperature Selection

  • Color Rendering Index > 80

  • Light Strip Continuity

  • Convenient Installation

  • High Luminous Efficacy

  • Connection Length

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