2024 Top Best Outdoor Light with Camera

2024 Top Best Outdoor Light with Camera

In this innovative and forward-thinking year, people are no longer limited to just plain old outdoor lighting, after Onforu received a lot of feedback from users, "Does Onforu have outdoor camera fixtures?"

Combined with the user's suggestions and feedback, Onforu recently released SX06 Floodlight Camera, which was released 3 months before, invited dozens of loyal users for evaluation, combined with their use of feedback, and after continuous testing and improvement, this collection of lighting and monitoring in one of the new design, not only for the outdoor space to bring efficient lighting, but also to provide a full range of protection for your safety.

The SX06 floodlight camera will be Onforu's best outdoor light with camera of 2024. Whether you're concerned about home security, business security, or the safety of your community's public areas, this smart luminaire will provide you with an unprecedented security and intelligence experience.

Why SX06 Floodlight Camera is the best?

2K HD Floodlight Camera

2K HD Floodlight Camera

The 2K HD Floodlight Camera provides superior surveillance for your home security. Its excellent image quality (4MP 2560 x 1440P) makes it an ideal home video surveillance solution, capable of capturing details from a distance. With a 96° wide and 53° high field of view, it offers full HD viewing angles to ensure clear, detailed images during the day and night.

Its powerful surveillance capabilities ensure that you have full control over your home security. Whether it's day or night, the floodlight camera provides clear, detailed images, and the 24/7 monitoring service ensures that your home is fully secured. This floodlight camera not only provides panoramic surveillance, but also ensures that important surveillance images are captured at all times, providing reliable support for your home security.

AI Detection and Auto Tracking

AI Detection and Auto Tracking

4MP Resolution

Built-in intelligent PIR sensor makes our camera not only able to recognize human body, but also has powerful auto-tracking function. With 340° panoramic rotation horizontally and 120° tilt vertically, the camera is able to intelligently track moving people, pets and vehicles. Users can adjust the sensitivity level according to actual needs to minimize the possibility of false alarms. Once motion is detected, the system instantly sends a notification to your phone, ensuring you have real-time awareness of your surroundings.

This advanced AI detection technology allows the camera to respond more intelligently to surveillance needs in different scenarios, while the auto-tracking feature improves real-time and accurate surveillance. Users are able to utilize the camera more flexibly through sensitivity adjustments and motion notifications, ensuring a timely response to any motion events, thus enhancing overall security and user experience.

Night Vision Function & Support Cloud / Local Storage

Night Vision Function

Support Cloud / Local Storage

Its night vision feature not only provides full color recording during the day, but also captures the same critical details in the dim night, providing you with 24/7 security surveillance.

When it comes to storage, this floodlight camera offers flexible options. First of all, it supports cloud storage, allowing you to access your recordings anytime and anywhere without having to worry about the security of your data. In addition, the camera supports Micro SD card storage up to 128GB. This dual storage option allows users to choose the storage method that best suits their personal preferences and needs, whether it's convenient cloud storage or more privacy-oriented local storage, you'll find the ideal solution in the SX06 outdoor security camera.

Two-way Audio

Two-way audio

This SX06 security light camera has a built-in microphone and speaker that provides two-way talk capability. For example, you can talk to visitors for two-way communication and have a real-time conversation with your courier even when you are not at home. This two-way audio feature allows you to stay connected at all times for easier communication and monitoring. Whether you are greeting visitors or handling deliveries, this feature brings more convenience and security to your life.

Real-time APP Control

Real time APP control

When your phone is connected to the floodlight camera, the Onforu Home APP allows you to see what's going on in your home in real time and browse through the inspection logs. Through the APP, you are able to adjust the brightness of the floodlight, ranging from 0 to 5,500 lumens, as well as set timers for the lights to turn on and off. The camera floodlight supports working with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control functionality.

Customer Reviews for SX06 Floodlight Camera

🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗 4.6 out of 5 
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SX06 Floodlight Camera Review
SX06 Floodlight Camera Review
SX06 Floodlight Camera Review
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