The New Smart Choice for Home Security - Floodlights Camera

The New Smart Choice for Home Security - Floodlights Camera

In today's home security setup, the role of floodlight camera is becoming more and more important. More than just a lighting device, it is a key piece of equipment that intelligently secures your home. Combining the camera with a strong bright floodlight brings the dual functions of lighting and monitoring to your home, enhancing the security of your home.

The floodlight camera is unique in that it not only provides ample bright lighting for your home's entrance, driveway or patio, but also monitors your surroundings in real time. This all-around protection allows you to not only enjoy safe lighting at night or in low-light conditions, but also sense what is going on around you in a timely manner. It immediately captures and sends a notification message when anything unusual occurs, keeping you aware of the situation around your home and ensuring your family's safety.

This smart device not only prevents intrusion, but also effectively guards against potential risks and threats. Its built-in surveillance camera with high definition and wide-angle view captures details of your surroundings and protects your home from potential dangers. Whether you're protecting your home or monitoring your driveway, this dual function ensures comprehensive home security and peace of mind.

Onforu 55W LED Motion Floodlight Camera SX06

Onforu 55W LED Motion Floodlight Camera SX06
Onforu's 55W LED Motion Floodlight Camera blends high-brightness lighting and smart monitoring features to provide all-around home security. Users can easily control the lights and surveillance images via smartphones while enjoying an intelligent security experience.
Onforu SX06 Floodlight Camera
  • High Brightness: With 55 watts and 6500K color temperature, it provides excellent 5500 lumens high brightness lighting, which can cover a wider area and ensure enough brightness around the home.
  • Real-time App Control: Through the dedicated mobile app, users are able to control the light on/off, brightness adjustment, monitoring screen view and other functions in real time, keeping track of the security status of your home anytime and anywhere.
  • Two-way Call Function: Built-in speaker and microphone support two-way calling, enabling you to have real-time conversations with your family or visitors to enhance your sense of security.
  • 2K HD Camera Monitoring: Equipped with a 2K HD camera, it can provide clear and detailed surveillance images, allowing you to know what's going on in your home.
  • AI Detection & Auto Tracking: Equipped with intelligent AI detection and auto-tracking function, it is able to recognize moving objects and track them automatically to make sure you won't miss any important events.
  • Night Vision Function: With night vision capability, it can maintain clear surveillance images even in low-light nights, guarding your home around the clock.
  • Cloud/Local Storage Support: Provides cloud storage and local storage options to ensure reliable storage of surveillance footage, you can choose the storage method according to your needs.
  • Waterproof: With IP65(security light), IP44(motion detector) design, it can withstand bad weather and ensure the device works stably for a long time.
  • Ease of Installation: Without the need for specialized skills or cumbersome tools, users can easily and quickly complete the installation process in minutes. Making home security equipment less cumbersome.
  • Smart Connectivity Features: Equipped with smart connectivity features, it can be easily connected to the user's smartphone or other smart devices. Users can remotely control, monitor and adjust lighting and camera settings.

SX06 Floodlight Camera Application

Onforu's 55W LED Motion Sensor Floodlight Camera  is a versatile piece of home security gear for a variety of home perimeters, providing all-around protection and monitoring. Below are some of its various application scenarios:

Onforu SX06 Floodlight Camera

  • Courtyard

The floodlight camera installed in the courtyard can provide you with intelligent security monitoring. When someone or an animal approaches, a smart sensor will activate the light and activate the camera for monitoring, providing 24/7 protection for your yard.

  • Driveway

Flood lights camera can be installed next to your driveway to provide bright and wide-angle illumination for your vehicle's entry and exit. Meanwhile, the intelligent monitoring system can record vehicle or pedestrian activity in real time to enhance vehicle safety and security.

Onforu SX06 Floodlight Camera Doorway

  • Doorway Entrance

Installed at the doorway or entrance, the floodlight camera provides a bright lighting effect to increase the visibility and security of the entrance. It not only creates comfortable lighting for your home, but also safeguards the security of your home entrance through the monitoring system.

Onforu SX06 Floodlight Camera Driveway

  • Garden and Yard Decoration

Using floodlight cameras in your garden or compound not only provides illumination, but also adds lighting effects to the landscaping. Smart sensors and monitoring features make them ideal for home decoration, providing both lighting and security protection.

Whether it's on your patio, driveway or doorway, the SX06 floodlight camera with its high-brightness LED lights and wide-angle monitoring feature provides you with all-around security. Onforu is committed to providing simple and easy-to-install, smartly-connected products that allow you to enjoy a convenient user experience while keeping your family and property safe.

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