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Sorry… There are no on-going programs yet.

But wait a second! We have an open application for #OnforuTrial. Fill out the form for consideration for future programs. 

Onforu WiFi Smart RGBW LED Flood Lights FG144

  • built-in IC Tech
  • Smart Voice & App Control
  • Music synchronized
  • IP66 Waterproof

Requird: 3

Valid in: United States(US)

Tester Announced:  Nov 16,2022

How #OnforuTrial works?
Fill out the application form and tell us about yourself.
We’ll contact you if you’re picked. Then you’ll receive our new product, and test it thoroughly.
Share your feedback or suggestions with us and other users.
Who can apply for this program?
Anyone who likes testing and sharing ideas can apply for #OnforuTrial. We look forward to teaming with you and love to be inspired by you. 

How can I get selected for this program?
We hope our testers can:
• Fill out the full profile and keep it updated if anything changes;
• Elaborate on your testing plan when applying;
• Provide detailed reviews. Attaching photos or videos would be better.

Applicants who meet some of the criteria below will be prioritized. However, you don’t have to meet all the criteria to be chosen.
1.Have an installation and test environment that meets product requirements.The pictures and videos provided are clear
2.Have ever purchased an onforu product.

How can I know if I’m selected?
We’ll announce the results on detail page of the program, and Facebook group. Also, if you’re selected, we’ll contact you via email.
Do I need to pay for the new product?
No, it is completely free.
Where can I post my review?
You’re supposed to submit feedback on “Share Your Review” section on detail page of the program or Facebook group
Can I apply for several #OnforuTrial programs?
Yes, you can apply for several programs, but you can only be chosen for one program at a time.
Other Rules
• Failing to submit reviews will disqualify you from future programs.
• Onforu reserves the right to use, edit, and repost the content you shared.

What Our Testers To Say

    Caron Banks

Q:Do you think it is easy to install? Are you satisfied with the cord length of the product?
A: It wasn't hard to install. The cord was frustrating since I prefer the solar ones plus it's something else to pin down and hide. I do like the product alot though. I wish it was 6 lights and not five. One more light would have fit the whole front of the house perfect

Q:Did the APP connect and pair it smoothly when you used it for the first time? Is it possible to connect with Google assistant and control it with your voice?
A: The app worked just fine. No issues. I did have to pair it twice before it took. But once connected it was great. Google assistant gave me issues. Wouldn't find the device to add it to the home. I have an old older model Google home though, we tried to connect them to a newer Google home and it still couldn't find the lights so we gave up. 

I have the flood lights set up outside my house. LOVE THEM! The colors are very vivid and bright. Better than holiday lights 🎄 So bright and very cool that the lights can be more than one color.
My husband loves this. He has told his friends about this whole process and they all sit out there messing with the colors lol. My neighbor across the street asked where we got them also. ❤️

    Kim Peacock

Q:Did the APP connect and pair it smoothly when you used it for the first time? Is it possible to connect with Google assistant and control it with your voice?
A:It was easy to setup