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Onforu 15W LED Black Light Bulbs GY04
Onforu 15W LED Black Light Bulbs GY04
Onforu 15W LED Black Light Bulbs GY04
Onforu 15W LED Black Light Bulbs GY04
Onforu 15W LED Black Light Bulbs GY04
Onforu 15W LED Black Light Bulbs GY04
Onforu 15W LED Black Light Bulbs GY04

Onforu 15W LED Black Light Bulbs GY04


2 Pack


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black led lights

Powerful Blacklight Bulbs

Each 15W LED blacklight bulb comes with 34 LEDs. BR30 bulbs have larger luminous spherical surfaces than A19, T2, and E12 bulbs, which easily turn neon-colored objects to glow and make for an impressive light show and dramatic atmosphere.

black led lights

Energy Saving & Safety 

Wavelength: 385-400nm, A level safe for daily use, and harmless for humans. With advanced LED technology, 15W LED black light bulbs are energy-efficient replacements for 120W equivalent incandescent and halogen blacklight bulbs.

black led lights

Fluorescent Reactive

These blacklight light bulbs can liven up the party atmosphere or decorate for the holidays. Perfect for illuminating the most reactive pigments, paints, neon-colored objects, and dyes. The black light bulb led works super cool for Halloween parties, body paint, dance floor, nightclubs or bars, etc.

black light party

Easy Installation

Wireless, no tools are required, just screw it into the E26 receptacle

Widely Applications

These decorative recessed blacklight bulbs can be used for spectacular light displays, blacklight posters, the fluorescent light bulbs. Widely used for Christmas, Halloween, club, bedroom, game room, and porch. basement, aquarium, celebrations, body art, glow-in-the-dark parties, etc.


Brand: Onforu

Wattage: 15W

Color: UV

Type of Bulb: LED

Materials: Plastic

Waterproof: IP20

Beam angle: 120 degree

Input Voltage: 100-240V AC

Wavelength: 385-400nm, UV-A level

Package Dimensions: 3.74 x 3.74 x 5.32 inches

Product Weight: 5.29 oz

Package include

2 x 15W Black Light Bulbs

User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions
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Will the intensity (output wattage) of the UV spectrum, 385-400nm, change or possibly increase with a change in voltage from 100v to 240v?

No, it will remain between 385-400nm, which is the security level for daily use.
Will one of these bulbs light up a small bedroom with UV light?
It depends on how big your room is. Kindly note that for these UV LED Black bulbs, to achieve the best illuminating effect, please ensure to light them without the interaction of other light.
Can you use these for growing plants?
No, it's not a grow light.
Can this be used for UV sterilization?
Wavelength: 385-400nm, UVA level, Safe for eyes, and skins of humans, it means that they could not be used for UV sterilization.
Is this bulb dimmable?

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