How to Choose Office Lighting Fixtures?

How to Choose Office Lighting Fixtures

The comfort of the office environment has been greatly associated with the efficiency and quality of work and even the health of workers. The office light environment is actually one of the factors that affect the comfort of the office environment. Reasonable lighting can not only meet the needs of office lighting but also improve the enthusiasm of employees, so as to better serve the work.

In the past, office lighting is mostly functional lighting, often choose to use incandescent lamps to complete the lighting work, but in the long run, this high illumination of the light will gradually affect the work status and efficiency of employees. The modern office building's interior space is generally composed of office space, public space, service space, and other ancillary facilities and other parts, different work scenes have different needs for light.

What conditions does office lighting need to meet?

1. Color Temperature

Color Temperature

Color temperature, generally expressed by the value K, the lower the color is warmer, red; conversely, the higher the colder, blue, there are generally warm light, neutral light, and cold light three points. In the past, many companies in order to pursue the overall warmth of the office will choose to use such as incandescent lamps, decorative chandeliers, and other warm light sources, to create a warm and comfortable office atmosphere.

But in excessively warm light, it is easier to relax the mind and produce the intention of sleepiness, resulting in the inability to concentrate on work.

So office spaces as people's daily production and work in one of the most frequently used places, it is recommended that the main lighting color temperature is between 3500K ~ 4500K more appropriate, at this time, neutral light or cool light refreshing will make people more focused in the office.

2. Color Rendering Index

Color rendering index refers to the object irradiated with the light source and standard light source irradiation, its color meets the degree of measurement, that is, the degree of color fidelity. Generally speaking, the higher the color rendering index, the better the color rendering. Conversely, the lower the value of the color rendering index, the worse the color rendering performance.

3. The Lighting Methods

Large space office

Office space is commonly used lighting is direct lighting and indirect lighting. Generally speaking, today's offices are divided into large space office and independent office two.

Large space office is currently the largest proportion of office space in the region, only to provide uniform general lighting, lighting should be uniform, and comfort, usually using a uniform spacing of the layout of the lamps and lanterns method, and combining with the ground functional area using the corresponding lamps and lanterns lighting. In a large space office, you can choose to use some surface light fixtures, so that the brightness of the light is high and not too harsh, and the irradiation range is also relatively uniform.

Independent office areas use general lighting and local lighting more and need to pay more attention to the brightness than the problem, for independent office areas, in order to meet the basic lighting work, but also combined with office decoration style to add some ambient lighting, and show corporate culture.

4. Illumination


Illuminance refers to the degree to which the object is illuminated, office illuminance refers to the office lighting brightness. High illumination low color temperature space will feel very hot, while low illumination high color temperature space will produce a gloomy and tired mood.

In the high color temperature but low illumination in the office environment, people tend to feel gloomy and tired, reducing work efficiency. Usually, the illumination of the office area is at least not less than 300lux. general space illumination brightness of not less than 100lux, local lighting brightness of not less than 600lux.


With the development of the times and the progress of technology, people's demand for a better life is rising, office lighting is gradually gaining attention, it is not only a place to work, but also become an external social, colleague relations, corporate culture and self-recognition of the resource gathering place.

Therefore, in the office lighting design for enterprises, you can first from the visual comfort, interior decoration, and other aspects of demand, synchronized consideration of corporate culture, work style, and another environmental atmosphere, in order to meet the basic lighting in the office area at the same time, is committed to high quality, healthy light efficiency to help employees efficient office, to inspire employees to work with a positive attitude to create, to create a good office culture atmosphere.

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