Blacklight Mini Golf: Unleash the Night with Unique Fun

Blacklight Mini Golf: Unleash the Night with Unique Fun

What is blacklight mini golf?

When it comes to the game of golf, your first thought is of a daytime scenario on a lawn, so unlike regular golf, blacklight mini golf is a unique and fun dark recreational activity. So one is during the day and the other is at "night", blacklight mini golf combines the game of golf with blacklight technology. 

onforu blacklight golf

The course and obstacles will glow in fluorescent colors through the black light, creating a fantastic ambience. If participants are using fluorescent golf balls and clubs, finding holes in the dark environment will become even more exciting, so the black light mini-golf activity will bring a whole new sports and entertainment experience.

What do I need to wear to participate in blacklight golf?

When participating in a blacklight mini golf event, it would be good to wear fluorescent colored clothing, but of course you can also opt for simple white. There are also some event participants who choose to wear fluorescent jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, headbands, etc. to add to the fun and visual appeal of the game.

How to design black light golf venue?

onforu blacklight mini golf
onforu blacklight mini golf
onforu blacklight mini golf
onforu blacklight mini golf

Black light golf venue is actually one of the indoor entertainment venues, for this type of venue, the most important thing is to consider the light control and fluorescent reflection effect, so you can refer to the following:

  1. Blacklight entertainment venues must be able to effectively control the surrounding light, which can maximize the use of blacklight irradiation angle.
  2. Fluorescent materials must be used for items within the venue, such as barriers and fairways.
  3. Create a psychedelic entertainment environment by pairing black lights with fluorescent paint.
  4. Provide fluorescent golf clubs and balls so that participants can enjoy the experience of blacklight mini entertainment.

Best blacklight fixtures for blacklight golf venues

Onforu offers many different types of high-quality blacklight fixtures, such as floodlights, light bars, bulbs, and strips; you can find one that provides the best lighting solution for your entertainment venue, creating a stunning fluorescent effect that attracts more interest and participation.

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