UV Blacklight: Shedding Light on the Invisible World

UV Blacklight: Shedding Light on the Invisible World

Have you ever been to a club or carnival and been fascinated by the glowing colors of people's clothes and body paint under black lights? Or maybe you want to achieve a super cool black light party with your partners. Whatever the reason, the use of UV blacklights is becoming increasingly popular in a wide range of fields, from entertainment to scientific research. In this article, we'll explore what UV blacklights are, how they work, and their many fascinating applications.

What is UV Black Light?

A blacklight is a lamp that emits ultraviolet (UV) light, which is invisible to the human eye. However, certain materials fluoresce or glow when exposed to UV light, creating a visible effect that can be quite dramatic. Black lights can emit either long-wave or short-wave UV light, with the former more common in consumer products because of their lower risk of eye damage.

There are usually two types of UV black lights: fluorescent blacklights and LED blacklights.

The big difference between a regular UV light and a black light, that is, is the filter. Black lights are designed to filter out most of the visible light emitted by the lamp, leaving only the UV light. This is accomplished by using a special filter that blocks visible light while allowing UV light to pass through. The result is a lamp that appears to emit almost no visible light, hence the name "black" light.

uv blacklight party

One of the most popular applications for UV blacklight today is in the entertainment industry, particularly in nightclubs and other entertainment venues. UV-reactive materials, such as certain fabrics, paints and pigments, glow brightly under a blacklight, creating a visually stunning effect. This has led to the widespread use of black lights in everything from music videos to stage productions. Even Halloween decorations and haunted houses have jumped on the bandwagon, using black lights to create spooky and other-worldly effects.

What Are the Common Types of Black Light Fixtures?

There are 4 common types of black lights, bulbs, floodlights, strips and light bars. You have to pick them with your usage scenario. All the above 4 types of blacklight can be widely used indoors or outdoors for regular decoration or party gatherings.

black light bulbs

Blacklight light bulbs are typically used indoors, such as in bedrooms and living rooms, as well as in existing lighting sockets in porches, lampposts, lamps or decks. Black light bulbs, as a type of LED light, also have economical and energy-saving features.

blacklight floodlight

Black light floodlights are mainly used in outdoor scenes such as DJ stages, concerts and other outdoor venues such as KTV. So there are different wattage sizes to choose from. Besides, qualified floodlights must be waterproof because they have to adapt to the outdoor environment.

blacklight bar

This type of black light is also a type of high power floodlight, but because they are rectangular and shine for a longer length, many people use them outdoors, for example on patio walls, shining from the bottom up to achieve a wall-washing effect. The illumination range is much wider.

black light strip light

Blacklight strips can be very decorative and these lights are perfect if used indoors. Because of their high degree of flexibility, you can simply mount them on a wall or ceiling near an electrical outlet, or around a TV or computer desk. Blacklight strips are easy to install and easy to recycle, and you can also use them in outdoor scenes.

 Application Scenarios for Black Lights

  • Home Decoration
tv blacklightbedroom uv lightliving room blacklight bed room blacklight fish uv blacklight stripfloodlight blacklight
  • Entertainment/Party Club

birthday uv lightblacklight clubuv blacklight clubparty blacklightuv party blacklight

  • Holiday Decoration

outdoor uv lightuv outdoor blacklightholiday uv blacklight

More Halloween blacklight decorations at 🎃Halloween Light Ideas to Increase the Holiday Atmosphere, holiday inspire

FAQs of UV Blacklight

1. Why black light is called black light?

Blacklight is a special gas discharge lamp, it emits 330-400nm ultraviolet light wave, which is human insensitive light, so the lamp made of this human insensitive ultraviolet light is called blacklight.

2. What is a UV blacklight used for?

Common blacklights are used for the following purposes:

  • Forensic scientists use black lights to find hidden evidence at crime scenes.
  • To check the hygiene level of hotel rooms or public restrooms.
  • Pet stain detection and pest control.
  • Counterfeit detection and identity verification.
  • Antique and artwork inspection.
  • As auxiliary lighting equipment, stage lights or ambient lights.

3. Is black light and UV light the same?

Blacklight is a type of ultraviolet light that emits ultraviolet radiation. The wavelength of this radiation is shorter than that of violet light, which is the shortest wavelength of light in the visible component of the electromagnetic spectrum. Read more on Black Light and UV Light – What is the difference?

4. How long can a blacklight stay on?

Ideally, UV LED light fixtures can last 25,000 hours or more. A qualified black light has high quality performance and will not burn out easily.

5. Does black light increase the risk of skin cancer?

There is no evidence that the use of UV black lights increases the risk of skin cancer because they emit very low levels of UV radiation. Exposure to black lights is well below the accepted safety limit for UVA and poses no risk to those who use them, work near them, or use them in the home. Exposure to black lights will be much lower than exposure to UVA outdoors.

6. Why color paint glows under blacklight?

Black lights can emit high energy ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light is imperceptible to the naked eye. When UV light is reflected back from an object containing a special substance called a phosphorescent body, the Phosphorescent substances can absorb ultraviolet light and then re-emit it almost instantaneously. Some energy is lost in the process, so the emitted light has a longer wavelength than the absorbed radiation, which makes this light visible and makes the material appear to glow.

7. Does Blacklight hurt your eyes?

The light emitted from the blacklight is UVA, which is very less damaging compared to UV light. However, sufficiently intense UV-A and blue radiation can cause chemical damage to the retina. Short-term or long-term exposure to UV radiation can cause damage. Try to avoid looking directly at lighting equipment.

8. What are the effects of prolonged exposure to black light?

Because black light can radiate ultraviolet light (UVA), so long-term work in this environment, excessive ultraviolet light causes photochemical reactions, which can cause a series of changes in human functions, especially children, need special attention. Long-term exposure of humans to UV light can cause harm to the skin, eyes, and immune system.

9. How many black lights are needed for a DJ party?

Generally speaking, it depends on how big the whole space is. There are different kinds of blacklight bulbs, blacklight floodlights, blacklight strips, blacklight bars and also different wattage options. Usually, a 100W energy efficient blacklight floodlight brightness can cover a 40 x 40 feet space.

10. Where can I buy the best black light light fixtures?

There are many black lights available on the Internet, but be sure to choose lighting fixtures from well-known brands. Onforu sells high quality black lights at the best price, all LED light fixture is rigorously tested and comes with a two-year warranty. You can buy a high quality blacklight lamp at the best price.

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