Brand New Onforu LED Knuckle Mount Flood Light

Brand New Onforu LED Knuckle Mount Flood Light

In this innovative trend in lighting technology, a unique lighting solution is emerging - LED knuckle mount flood light. As one of the representatives of modern lighting technology, LED knuckle mount flood light are attracting more and more attention in the market with their unique design and outstanding performance.

By exploring this new trend, Onforu will reveal how this innovative lighting fixture can enhance lighting effects and bring more efficient and innovative lighting solutions to your living and commercial spaces.

What is a knuckle mount light fixture?

LED knuckle mount flood light typically consist of a sturdy bracket that can be easily mounted on a wall, stand or other structure, and a metal arm that allows the user to adjust the angle and orientation of the luminaire as needed.

It is also a flexible mounting fixture that is typically used for outdoor lighting needs. It is characterized by having an adjustable corner hanging device that allows it to be flexibly installed and oriented according to different lighting requirements and environments.

This design allows the fixture to more accurately illuminate a specific area, improving the lighting effect and adapting to different outdoor environments, such as building facades, driveways, and courtyards.

The Features of LED knuckle mount flood light

Superior Brightness

Brightness Onforu LED Knuckle Mount Flood Light

This Knuckle Mount fixture is equipped with 72 high-performance LED beads that provide powerful illumination with up to 7800 lumens of light. This ensures ample and even illumination in any environment, making it a superior lighting solution.

IP66 Waterproof Design

Featuring an IP66 rated waterproof design, this luminaire is able to withstand a wide range of harsh weather conditions, ensuring reliable operation even in rain and snow. This makes it ideal for outdoor use, such as patios, driveways, etc., providing you with stable and reliable lighting.

Easy Installation

Easy Installation Onforu LED Knuckle Mount Flood Light

Designed to be simple and easy to install, even for non-professionals, knuckle mount fixtures are quick and easy to install, reducing installation costs and time and providing a convenient experience for users.

Wide Beam Angle

Wide Beam Angle Onforu LED Knuckle Mount Flood Light

With a wide irradiation angle, it can effectively cover a larger area. This enables it to provide more comprehensive lighting in commercial spaces or outdoor environments, such as parking lots or large courtyards, ensuring dead-angle-free lighting effects.

Upgraded Anti-Glare Lens

Equipped with upgraded anti-glare lens, it effectively reduces glare and reflection, providing softer and more comfortable lighting effect. This not only protects the user's vision, but also creates a more comfortable lighting atmosphere.

How do you install a knuckle mount LED flood light?

How to Install LED Knuckle Mount Flood Light

  1. Prepare tools and materials: knuckle mount floodlight, screwdriver, screwdriver wrench, cables and connectors, safety ladder or other elevation tools
  2. Turn off the power: Before starting the installation, make sure the power is turned off to ensure safe operation. If there are multiple switches, turn off all associated power sources.
  3. Determine the mounting location: Choose a suitable mounting location to ensure that the floodlight covers the area you wish to illuminate.
  4. Mounting bracket: Align the bracket of the floodlight to the chosen location and use a screwdriver or screw wrench to secure the bracket to a wall, post or other supporting structure.
  5. Connecting cables: Connect the cables on the floodlight to the power cable. Ensure proper connection, either by color matching or by following the instructions in the product manual.
  6. Mounting the floodlight: Insert the base of the floodlight into the slot of the bracket, making sure it is secure. Often, the design of angle-mounted floodlights makes installation very easy.
  7. Position the light direction: Adjust the angle of the floodlight as needed to ensure that the light hits your desired area.
  8. Turn on the power: Once installation is complete, turn on the power and test the floodlight to see if it is working properly. Make sure the lighting effect is as expected.

Specific installation procedures may vary for different brands and models of floodlights. Before installation, please be sure to refer to the product's detailed installation instructions. In case of uncertainty, it is recommended to ask a professional electrician to assist in the installation to ensure safety and correctness.

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