RGB & UV Lighting Ideas for Holiday Decoration

RGB & UV Lighting Ideas for Holiday Decoration

Every year into early October, many parents are planning Halloween for their children, such as Halloween costumes, props, and decorations: pumpkin lanterns, bats, skeletons, pirates, vampires, zombies and so on.

And after Halloween is over, you can start preparing for Christmas again in November, with Christmas trees, Santa Claus, moose, Christmas bells, gift boxes, etc.

Many people use disposable lights to decorate their interior or exterior during the holidays, but using too many disposable lights and throwing them away when you're done is not a green way to go about it. Through this article, you will learn how to decorate your home in a green way.

Step 1 Choose the right colors

Whether it's the awe-inspiring Halloween or the blissful warmth of Christmas, the first step in decorating your home for lighting is choosing the right colors.

A front yard Halloween cemetery or yard haunting can be flooded with green, red, and purple floodlights. Or readily fading RGB lights in many color combinations can add a dreamy holiday atmosphere to Christmas.

For Halloween, try using a purple pairing as an accent color, as it creates a stark contrast. And they are usually bright enough to easily attract people at first glance.

Christmas will need to use more try RGB lighting colors because Christmas is warm red, green, and blue as the main color.

Christmas Light

Step 2 Use colored floodlights to create an atmosphere

Whether it's Christmas or Halloween lights, the one fixture that can be used both outdoors and indoors is colored floodlights.

Colored changing RGB floodlights can provide bright light throughout the interior or exterior, or they can highlight specific colors depending on how they are placed.

And it is possible to change the color at any time, providing a different feel for different locations.

On Halloween, for example, blue, green and purple lights tend to be creepy and spooky, while orange and red are more fiery, like pumpkins and flames. Aiming floodlights can make light-colored props look like they're glowing in the dark.

Christmas colors are much easier to choose from, with green Christmas trees and red primary colors for Santa Claus, or you can adjust the other colors of the light to make it look more harmonious with your overall scene. Keep in mind that floodlights are available in 16 million color combinations.

For even more flexibility, you can buy LED flood lights that can change colors and then you can reuse them in a variety of different situations. Mainly, they are not just for holiday decorations, as they are versatile, you can use them for daily lighting on the patio or for a party gathering with friends, high-quality flood lights with a qualified quality guarantee!

RGB color changing flood light

Step 3 Replace the porch light with a UV bulb

Use purple uv bulbs( black light) to replace in the porch or garage during the holidays. It still provides light illumination for guests coming in and out and doesn't overshadow the rest of the scene.

In addition, when used indoors, the purple UV light can also stimulate other fluorescent colors, making the whole scene atmosphere active again. You can refer to this picture.

UV Black Light Blubs

Step 4 Use string lights or strip light as secondary colors

String lights are most often used at Christmas (often in warm yellow), such as Christmas trees, Christmas presents, Christmas Wreath, yard fences, trees or shrubs, but now string lights are also becoming a common place for outdoor lighting on Halloween.

Christmas String light

Halloween is possible to use purple uv strip lights for decoration, such as tree branches, witches' brooms or magic wands, etc., can be close to rendering the spooky atmosphere of Halloween. Have you ever tried to place the uv strip lights on the skull, or under the tombstone, so that the atmosphere will be more creepy. Combining them with floodlights will really make your Halloween props stand out.

Purple and warm yellow string lights can be used around Halloween, and Christmas, the effect is very good. Onforu string lights and strip lights are affordable and can be reused many times, in the decoration of all have high performance.

UV Black Light Strip Light

Step 5 Choose RGB flood light bars

When the house building is too large and the scope is wider, long strip floodlights can play a good wall washing effect, and the irradiated area is longer and wider than ordinary floodlights.

At Halloween or Christmas, choose long strip floodlights placed around the house, turn on and shine from bottom to top, and can change the color at any time, with the surrounding scene, Halloween can be very scary and spooky, and Christmas can be very warm and cozy.

RGB Flood Light Bar

Step 6 Prepare some small decorations in the room

You can make some small handicrafts with your children, for example, finished milk cartons, beverage cans, old cardboard boxes, clothes, socks, etc., which can be directly used up, without directly discarded polluted environment. You can also use nature's gratuitous decorations and make garlands from dried leaves or branches. In addition to saving money and environmental protection, you can also develop children's hands-on skills.

Child DIY Decrations

Step 7 Don't forget to turn off the lights

After all the activities are over, remember to turn off the lights to protect the environment and save energy. Go to sleep early with your family and wish you good dreams and good night.

Finally, let you have a colorful Christmas holiday or Halloween holiday, you can dress up through ONFORU's UV light series or RGB light series, and share the fun time with your family!

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