Onforu RGB Light Bluetooth Speaker Review: Experience & Thoughts

Onforu RGB Light Bluetooth Speaker Review: Experience & Thoughts

The Onforu 25W Bluetooth Speakers with RGB LED Lights are the perfect addition to any outdoor party, yard gathering, or camping trip. With their powerful 25W sound output and stunning RGB LED lights, these speakers will create a truly immersive audio-visual experience.

The speakers are also IPX5 waterproof, so you can enjoy your music without worry even in the rain or snow. And with their built-in 6,600mAh battery, you can enjoy up to 20 hours of playtime on a single charge.

Whether you're looking to create a party atmosphere or just enjoy some relaxing music in the great outdoors, the Onforu 25W Bluetooth Speakers with RGB LED Lights are the perfect choice.

Let's take a look at the user comments...

Onforu SK01 RGB Light Speaker Bluetooth

Question1: What are your scenarios and experiences with the Onforu 25W Bluetooth speaker?

Clarion Ramona: Easy to set up, great sound quality, wonderful sound... Enjoy, I'm glad I bought them.

Carney Powell: There's no question that what they say in the description is what it is. Battery life is very good. The quality of the speakers and stand are very good and the light for music playback is great. I also use these speakers with my outdoor projector. The family loves them.

Wind: I bought these mainly for white noise to disguise highway noise. I connected several of them together and they span most of the length of my backyard so they can play a looped babbling brook "song" and then I have a pair playing music on my deck. I originally wanted these because I wanted something I could move around the yard, depending on where the freeway noise was coming from on any given day. They have great sound quality. They are easy to connect together. The battery life between charges is good if you don't use the lights often. They are heavy, so if you are going to use shepherd hooks to hang them, make sure the hooks are sturdy. You can turn them off at the same time by turning off the main light, and I wish they turned them on the same way, but they don't - each lantern has to be turned on independently. They are a bit pricey, but worth it to me because they give me the flexibility I need. Plus, you can take the wireless speakers with you whenever you need them (parks, camping, etc.).

Onforu Bluetooth Speaker with RGB Lights

Question2: What do you think of the sound quality and volume of the Onforu 25W Bluetooth speaker?

Big Daddy: For a completely wireless speaker, they sound pretty good. Sure, they're not high-end audiophile sound quality, but they're perfect for outdoor use. Looks solid and the passive speakers on the back definitely improve the bass response. For the price to have this kind of sound quality, I'm very happy.

Blake Martin: Love the lighting sequences for the music. The speakers sound great, and the lighting may be a feature, but it's better for an amp that doesn't have to be cranked up to be heard at maximum volume.

Mark Kuffar: We've had these speakers for about a month now and have not been disappointed. If you space them out far enough, they sound great! We recently had a family gathering and everyone asked about the speakers because they were so impressed. For the price, you get two! The lights are nice, but you can turn them off if you wish. As with all reviews, this is a personal opinion, but these speakers were great and we didn't have any problems. We hope this will help!

Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with RGB Light

Question3: What do you think about the waterproof level and usage scenario of Onforu 25W Bluetooth speaker?

Renle Turno: We purchased these speakers for our outdoor patio space. They sync easily with our phones to play Pandora, Spotify or Sirius XM apps. They are loud - we purchased a total of four speakers for our space and always use one or two while the others are charging. My teenage son also "stole" one for his room because he doesn't have a wireless stereo. While we didn't test the weatherproof statement by submerging them in rain or dumping them in a bucket of water, we left them outside briefly during a rainstorm and didn't notice any problems. Highly recommended - great value for quality and ease of use. Great for outdoor decks!

John Tinnemeyer: They had a great workout by the pool, great sound, up to now, everything is working well. let the party begin! 

James Boyle: I brought them in when I knew it was going to rain, but they were already wet and the speakers still worked great.

Bluetooth Speaker with Colorful LED Lights

Question4: What are your thoughts on the connectivity and compatibility of the Onforu 25W Bluetooth speaker?

Kent Allison: Great value for money! Great loud sound. Outstanding range from your Bluetooth device to the main speakers at approximately 100 feet. Outstanding Bluetooth broadcast range from the main speaker to multiple speakers up to 30 feet! Bought four in total (2 pairs). Sound, lights, and power all sync up nicely! I love that no matter what you do to the master speaker, the slave speakers follow. My only wish is that consumers could buy these speakers individually instead of buying a pair at a time. onforu has done a great job of providing weatherproof bluetooth speakers that rival the on Monster Glo and Flame speakers that you can no longer buy.

Scott Doolin: Coming from a sound professional, these are 100% value for money. Charges for 3 hours and continues for 5 hours of playtime with the lights on and no signs of slowing down. Great Bluetooth connectivity. I have 4 of them and they all work in sync. the Wifi connection is great. They stretch over 35 feet.

Gavin Strech: I was very surprised by these speakers. They aren't cheap ...... but they look well made. I thought the lighting would be fancy, but they were really fun and added a little ambiance. They held a full 10 hours of full power. Very easy to connect to Bluetooth. Very decent sound.

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