Where Are LED Floodlights Usually Used?

Outdoor LED Floodlight

What is a floodlight?

A floodlight is a point light source that shines evenly in all directions, with an adjustable range of illumination, and is represented as a positive octahedron icon in the scene. Floodlighting is one of the most widely used light sources in effects production, with standard floodlights used to illuminate the entire scene. Multiple floodlights can be used in a scene. To produce a good effect, the filming bulb is mounted in a large reflector umbrella for use as a high-intensity diffusion light source. Although indispensable for studio lighting, it can also be considered a good light source for general amateur indoor photography.

How do LED floodlights work?

LED floodlights use light emitting diodes (LEDs) to produce light. The LED in a floodlight is a semiconductor that converts electricity into light by passing a current between two leads (metal pads called SMDs). When the required level of wattage is reached between the leads, energy is released as photons to provide light. Whereas conventional floodlights use heat to produce light, LEDs do not, so LED lights consume less power. They can safely touch the heat sink very efficiently, so the floodlights are very efficient and long lasting.

Floodlight features and applications

The wide beam of a floodlight can be used in many ways to illuminate many objects and areas.

Outdoor courtyards

Provides a safeguard for the security of the house and provides safe lighting for family and friends at night, where the light of day can be felt even at night. It also provides a deterrent to intruders.


Because any lighting used in tunnels is constantly exposed to the fumes and other waste from cars. They are also dark, with little ambient or natural light passing through. Entering a relatively dark tunnel in bright sunny daylight, sudden changes in luminosity can be dangerous for the driver, as the human eye takes a little time to adjust when entering darkness. This danger can be avoided by using LED floodlights to provide a well-lit tunnel system.

Sports stadiums

No one wants to miss a great game or their favorite player in a stadium because of poor lighting! LED floodlights provide lighting for players to ensure they can safely participate in match activities, while also providing spectators with comfortable, bright lighting that will not harm their eyes. of the sport.

Airports and seaports

No one wants to miss a great game or their favorite player in a stadium because of poor lighting! LED floodlights provide lighting for players to ensure they can safely participate in match activities, while also providing spectators with comfortable, bright lighting that will not harm their eyes. of the sport.

Much like airports, harbours require proper lighting to ensure that boats can safely leave and dock without damaging surrounding vessels or other passengers. LED floodlights provide efficient visibility and lighting in harbours. It is important to choose LED floodlights that are resistant to waterside weather, as salt can negatively affect electronic equipment and other devices. Corrosion-resistant LED floodlights can be used to ensure the longevity of the lights used in harbours, especially as replacing them requires considerable work as the lights are often mounted on high poles.


LED floodlights also have many uses in industrial applications. This includes warehouses, storage facilities, factories and many other facilities. LED floodlights increase the safety of workers in these areas, as many industrial areas have heavy equipment that can be dangerous in poorly lit conditions.

Why are floodlights called 'floodlights'?

ONFORU LED Floodlight

Floodlighting actually floods an area with light. A floodlight will illuminate an area evenly without shadows. It is often referred to as base lighting. Shops, factories, office buildings and public spaces will use a large amount of floodlight to cover an area, spreading the light everywhere.

Where should I buy LED floodlights to illuminate a stadium?

For outdoor venues, stadiums cover a very wide area, so you need practical high-power outdoor floodlights. For high-power floodlights, you can choose 150W or 200W LED floodlights.

How much area can one floodlight cover?

This depends mainly on the wattage of the floodlight, common floodlights cover the following area range.

  • A 10W LED Flood Light covers 10 x 10 meters of the area.
  • A 30W LED Flood Light covers 20 x 20 meters of the area.
  • A 50W LED Flood Light covers 30 x 30 meters of the area.
  • A 100W LED Flood Light covers 50 x 50 meters of the area.
  • A 200W LED Flood Light covers 100 x 100 meters of the area.

What is the wattage of the LED floodlight needed for the warehouse?

First of all, we have to establish the warehouse area range, generally, the brightness of the warehouse will be darker, so you need higher power flood lights, generally, 100W, 150W, and 200W flood lights will be more popular, so after establishing the warehouse area, then establish the wattage of the flood light and the number of use can be.

Features of floodlights

1. Extraordinarily long life: The life of a floodlight is 60 times that of an incandescent lamp, 12 times that of an energy-saving lamp; 12 times that of a fluorescent lamp; 20 times that of a high-pressure mercury lamp; thus greatly reducing maintenance troubles and the number of replacements, saving material costs and labor costs and ensuring long term normal use.

2. Energy saving: Compared with incandescent lamps, energy saving up to about 75%, the luminous flux of 85W floodlight is roughly equivalent to 500W incandescent lamp luminous flux.

3. Environmental protection: It uses a solid mercury agent, even if broken will not cause pollution to the environment, there are more than 99% of recyclable rate, is a real environmental protection green light source.

4. No strobe: Because of its high working frequency, so it is regarded as "no strobe effect at all", will not cause eye fatigue, to protect eye health.

5. Good color rendering: Color rendering index greater than 80, soft light color, showing the natural color of the object being illuminated.

6. Colour temperature: From 2700K to 6500K by customers according to their needs, and can be made into color bulbs, used for garden decoration lighting.

7. High proportion of visible light: In the light emitted, the proportion of visible light reaches more than 80%, good visual effect.

8. No preheating required: It can be started and restarted immediately, and there will be no light recession in ordinary discharge lamps with electrodes when switched on and off for many times.

9. Excellent electrical performance: High power factor, low current harmonics, constant voltage power supply, constant luminous flux output.

10. Adaptability of installation: Can be installed in any direction without restriction.

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