Top 5 Best High Quality Floodlight for Outdoor – Home Security Guide

Top 5 Best High Quality Floodlight for Outdoor – Home Security Guide

Just like indoors, the outdoors needs to be well lit. More and more people are looking to improve the lighting outside their homes. But they don't know how to choose the right outdoor LED floodlights.

Good LED floodlights not only provide good lighting, but they also save energy. Once you have decided to set up any type of outdoor LED floodlight, we recommend that you consider the following aspects.


    Floodlights are available in wattages ranging from 20W to 1000W, but how much power should I choose? If you intend to use the lights for your home backyard, BBQ party or outdoor event, the lux level should be around 100. How do I find the appropriate wattage? For example, if you have a 50 m2 yard, the required brightness is 50 x 100 = 5000 lumens. For an LED with 130 lumens per watt, the required power is 5000 / 130 = 38.5 W. Therefore a 40 W LED would be appropriate. This value will increase with the size of your backyard and the lux requirement.


    Longer-lasting lights are always your best option, as it is expensive to buy and install new lights, especially if you are doing a major replacement. LEDs can run for 22 years if the lights are on for 10 hours a day.


      Waterproofing is an important feature of outdoor LED floodlights. In order to be able to work in rain, snow and storms, the luminaire should have at least an IP65 rating.

      4.Heat dissipation

        A good floodlight should have an effective heat sink to transfer heat from the internal structure to the outside. Aluminium is a good conductive material for the manufacture of heat sinks. We can choose LEDs made of aluminium or related alloys.


          A longer warranty will reduce your maintenance costs and you should choose a floodlight with a warranty of 2 years.

          ONFORU Top 5 Best High Quality Floodlight for Outdoor

          Outdoor Flood Light


          Luminous Flux



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          FG47 LED Flood Light



          2 Years



          FG65 LED Flood Light



          2 Years



          FG78 LED Flood Light



          2 Years



          FG56 LED Flood Light



          2 Years



          CT08 LED Flood Light



          2 Years



          1.50W LED Flood Light FG47

          50W Flood Light FG47

          The 50W LED floodlight is our top pick on today's list as it is the highest selling style of floodlight.

          The 50W LED outdoor floodlight appears at the top of the preferred best outdoor floodlights. There are 2 pack in the set, each with 50 watts of power. In addition, these lights are available in plug and unplugged versions, which also save energy and provide an additional safety measure.

          The 50W LED floodlights are IP66 waterproof. Once installed, this set of lights will provide you with a brightness level of approximately 5500 lumens. A protective edge corner is added to each of the four corners of the body to protect your LED floodlight from damage and to resist shock and vibration; 180° adjustable for easy installation; a wider and thicker metal SPCC bracket for a secure and reliable fixing to the wall; and an upgraded heat sink in the rear housing to effectively extract more heat and extend the life of the LED floodlight.

          2.100W LED Flood Light FG65

          The 100W LED floodlight features an anti-glare design, adjustable beam angle, high waterproof rating, resistance to shock and vibration, rim protection and cooling system.

          Equipped with two floodlights to cover more ground, the Onforu 100W LED floodlight operates with a powerful LED bulb that emits a bright 8900lm cool white light.

          The light is further optimised by anti-glare lenses, water and shock resistant aluminium and an advanced cooling system, which work together to balance the light distribution and extend the life of the unit. It can be tilted up to 180 degrees and thanks to the protective edge design, you don't have to worry about damaging the bulb. "I put these in the trees and shine them in my yard," shared one reviewer. "There are four of them and it's light out. Good value for money!"

          3.150W LED Flood Light FG78

          150W Flood Light FG78

          If you feel that 50W is not enough for your outdoor lighting needs and want to cover a large area with a floodlight, the 150W LED floodlight kit may be perfect for you. It will provide you with 2 lights and you can install these as many times as you wish.

          In the long run, it always pays to have a brighter light in each group. 150W LED floodlight with 168 super-bright LEDs, this 150W LED floodlight produces a high brightness of up to 12,000lm. Equivalent to a 1200W halogen bulb, saving you 80-90% on your electricity bill. 120° beam angle and no shadows to illuminate corners more effectively.

          The die-cast aluminum body and sturdy glass cover design ensure that this waterproof floodlight will work in adverse weather conditions such as rain, sleet and snow. It is ideal for outdoor lighting such as gardens, backyards, squares, garages etc.

          Using high-quality lamp beads as the light source, the light can produce a brighter light than ordinary chips. The special finned heat sink design and aluminum housing material provide more efficient heat dissipation and extend the life of the light.

          4.200W LED Flood Light FG56

          200W LED Flood Lights FG56

          If you are looking for a super high-powered LED floodlight, this model from ONFORU is a perfect choice - the 200W LED floodlight.

          With an impressive waterproof rating, durable aluminum material, and scratch-resistant tempered glass cover, the bulbs are cleverly enclosed to withstand harsh weather. They are designed to last thanks to the efficient, corrosion-resistant cooling structure and heat distribution.

          The 200W outdoor LED floodlight with 260 ultra-bright LED beads produces a high-intensity daylight white light of up to 22,000 lm. Each floodlight replaces 1000W of conventional halogen lamps, saving 80% on lighting costs.

          120° beam angle, shadow-free and anti-glare, providing efficient lighting for your large area. The wider and thicker adjustable metal bracket makes the LED floor lamp more stable and durable.

          5.72W LED Flood Light Bar CT08

          72W Linkable Flood Light CT08

          Finally, we have reserved the most affordable floodlight, the 72W LED floodlight CT08, which offers you the most reliable light package compared to any other brand under 100W options.

          The 72W ultra-bright and energy efficient CT08 - each LED floodlight is equipped with 78 ultra-bright LEDs that produce up to 6500lm of high intensity white light. Each strip can replace a 600W conventional halogen bulb, saving you over 80-90% on your electricity bill.

          On the other hand, unlike others, the novel look and wider illumination area is made of high quality reflective film with a beam angle of up to 120°, providing healthy shadow-free illumination. It has been designed to be longer than ordinary floodlights, resulting in a wider lighting area. Ideal for large patios, garages, outdoor construction sites, etc.

          These shop lights can be hung or surface mounted to suit your needs in a variety of situations, saving energy and space. Easy to plug in and use. Save on labor costs for replacing lights or installing wires.


          Above, we have brought you the hot selling floodlights on Onforu. You can choose based on our presentation, which can be combined with your actual lighting needs.

          If you need the highest brightness, then the 200W LED floodlight must be the best choice. If you want an affordable option, choose the 72w LED floodlight bar. Also, you can pick the 50w and 100w floodlights.

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            Used to add security lighting around the house, they are extremely bright and light the area well, mounting was little bit of a challenge but was manageable to achieve the lighting I wanted the pivoting bracket was helpful achieving just the right coverage

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