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Lighting is no longer simply a source of light, but also an extension of lighting, such as led lights for building advertising and neon lights for dressing up the environment. For today's home decoration and family life, there are more different combinations of lighting.

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The use of LED strip lighting in interior spaces can be a great way to show the layering of light and give a softer, more moody environment. In a minimalist spatial form, LED strips can also give life and soul to space by giving it a regal layered beauty.

As auxiliary lighting, it adds special to the room. Light strips are generally designed as an auxiliary light source, working with the main light source to complete the lighting needs of the home. It also has the ability to clearly show the outline of a space or an object and increase the spatial level. For example, the design of wall washer strips. Plays a role in situational lighting.

In daily lighting, the added light source of the floodlights weakens the sense of closure and discontentment of the space. When the floodlights are switched on in the dark, they are also not visually distracting due to internal brightness issues. Floodlights can be used on the ground, which gives a sense of security over a wide area as if it were daylight.

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